Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday Salon: Read-a-thon, and BAFAB Week

Gah! I haven't read a word all day! Well ok, I've read some words on the computer (a few blogs and such) but I haven't opened my book all day. I'm having a real problem with time lately, and the major lack of it, or maybe it's just a serious time management problem. Everything seems to take much longer than I think it should. I'm not getting enough sleep but I don't seem to be getting anything accomplished either. Sigh. I've read a little but not enough, and mostly in snatches of just a few pages here and there.

In the last couple of weeks, since I last joined the Salon, I read and reviewed The Translator by Daoud Hari. This was a moving story and I'm so glad Natasha encouraged us to become more aware of the terrible things happening in Darfur. I also went back to and finished Perfume by Patrick Süskind, which I'd set aside to read The Translator and to get it reviewed before the end of the September. My review of Perfume is still pending but it was a good read, and perfect for the season. Now I've started reading Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. I really enjoyed Out when I read it a couple years ago, and I'm glad that several other bloggers have discovered Kirino this year. I'm not too far in yet, due to the aforementioned lack of time, but it's already got me interested to know how it'll all unfold. Hopefully I'll manage to get a bit more reading time in this week. Fingers crossed.

I'd been debating whether to join the 24 Hour Read-a-thon, but I've definitely decided to sign up. I think I really need a day of reading and since I'm so distracted by other things lately, the read-a-thon seems the perfect excuse to ignore them and catch up on my reading guilt-free, for 24 hours at least. I haven't quite worked out the logistics yet because it starts at 9PM Japan time (12 noon GMT), so I may have to sleep for some of the time, but I'm going to give it a shot. You can find out all about the what, when, how, etc. from Dewey on this post, or else click on the button.

And don't forget I have two books to giveaway for BAFAB Week. You have until Monday night to get your name in for the draw. Good luck!


  1. I haven't managed to fit as much reading in as I would like today either, Nat. Even given my best intentions. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Grotesque once you finish it. Her latest book looks interesting too.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. I'm still on the fence for the read-a-thon. I doubt I'll be able to make it the full 24 hours - I like sleep too much! - but it does sound like a whole lot of fun.

  3. I've been having the same problem lately...somehow my days aren't half as productive as I'd like them to be. I have no idea where time goes.

    I hope you'll join the Read-a-thon! It will be fun for sure. And it's perfectly okay to get some sleep during it..I bet I will too.

  4. Wendy- I've only been managing a few pages before bed the last few days. I'm starting to have withdrawal!
    Her latest book does look good. I'm sure it'll end up in a book order one of these days.

    Fyrefly- LOL. I love sleep too but I figure even if I do sleep for part of it, it'll still be fun to have several hours devoted to reading. This'll be my first time to join so we'll see how it goes.

    Nymeth- I'd love to figure out where my time is vanishing too so quickly! ;)
    I just went and signed up for the Read-a-thon so I guess I'm in. :)

  5. I hardly read at all this weekend and I know that makes me grumpy :)

    I still have to post my review of Out but I loved it. I am definitely going to read more by Kirino. Hope you'll enjoy Grotesque just as much!

  6. Iliana- I get grumpy too when I don't have time to read! We're so addicted! ;)


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