Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Salon: Reading for a Cause

Well, it's already well into Monday here but I think it's still the tail end of Sunday somewhere! Yesterday we went out to the same rose garden we went to in the spring, for their fall rose festival. The roses weren't quite as lush but the ones that were blooming were pretty all the same. Of course we had fun taking pictures and just generally enjoying the fact that the weather has finally cooled off and has begun to feel more like autumn. We both seem to have caught a bit of a cold though so last night after we got home we didn't feel like doing much more than having a bit of dinner and getting to bed. Hence the late Sunday Salon post.

I've had a bit more reading time the last couple of days, mostly because I can actually read a couple of chapters before zonking out at night. But since I barely got any reading in during the week, I'm still not quite half way into Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino. It's a bit of a chunkster at 460 odd pages but I've made a little progress. I have to say that I'm not enjoying it quite as much as Out by the same author. This one is primarily the main character reminiscing about her life growing up with occasional allusions to her sister being murdered. It's a much slower-paced book than Out so I guess that's why it's not grabbing me quite as I expected. I do want to know how it all unravels though so I will definitely keep reading.

As I mentioned last week, I've decided to join the 24 Hour Read-a-thon. It's coming up next weekend and I've decided to join some of the others in reading for a cause. Since we can choose our own charities, I've decided to read for Breast Cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month after all, and it's something that I think will affect all of us at some point, whether directly or indirectly. My mother had breast cancer many years ago and a book blogger many of us know was recently diagnosed. Even the writer Carol Shields was taken away from us by breast cancer.
So I've decided to personally donate 10 cents a page read during the read-a-thon.
As you know this'll be my first time to join the read-a-thon so I'm not entirely sure what my numbers will be. Pages read, total time spent reading, and all that, but if you'd like to sponsor me in any way that would be wonderful. Even a flat rate donation of a few dollars would be appreciated. But if this isn't something you're interested in supporting please don't feel any obligation either. I'm just as happy if you simply cheer me on!
I'll personally be donating to Breast Cancer research in Canada. But there are many organizations worldwide, and if you'd like to donate, please feel free to choose one in your area.

Here are some links:
in Canada:
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Breast Cancer Society of Canada
in the US:
The Breast Cancer Site
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Army of Women
in the UK:
Breast Cancer Research UK
Breakthrough Breast Cancer

If you do decide to donate something, please let me know in the comments. You don't have to say how much if you don't want to, but this way I can know who is sponsoring me regardless of amount. Thanks.
Wish me luck for next weekend! :)


  1. Shame on me, I missed annother Sunday Salon...These days my mind finds peace in reading, so I read mostly yesterday.

    How did you like the book PARFUME?
    I liked it, I found that the begining of the story and the end wrapped themselves up nicely.
    I have the book PIGEON by Suskind, it is a small book, very good from the few pages I read, but dark.

    I am reading a Doris Lessing book, THE FIFTH CHILD, it is a very good book, spooky.

    Hope you have a good week

  2. Sometimes I wish my backyard was a botanical garden--imagine sitting on a bench in nice weather and reading there. I'm a terrible gardener though so it's a dream that will never happen. I'll have to to make do with my couch. :-)

    I hope you are feeling better soon. There's a stomach flu virus going around my office. I sure hope I don't get it.

    I think it's wonderful you chose breast cancer for your cause! It has affected my family and so it is a subject dear to my heart.

  3. You, my friend, are the coolest. I'll sponsor you - just e-mail me the total $ I need to send you when the read-a-thon is over!

  4. Madeleine - I almost missed it too! But I think reading is a good excuse for missing it!
    I still need to review Perfume. I liked it but I'm not sure what to say about it so I keep putting it off but I really need to get a review up soon.
    I hope you have a good week too, or at least as good as it can be with everything going on.

    Wendy - I'd love to have a little garden too but like you, I'm not very good at gardening. I think the garden dream only works if we have enough money to have a gardener come by once a week or so.
    I'm thinking it was actually allergies since it was after spending the afternoon in the rose garden that we felt so tired out and a bit congested. I've started taking my hayfever pills again and it seems to have helped. Thanks though. And I hope you manage to avoid the stomach flu. That's never fun!
    And I'm sorry to hear that breast cancer has affected your family. Sadly though with 1 in 8 women expected to get breast cancer it's something that we just can't escape from. :(

    Stephanie - Aw, thank you! I'll be thinking of you while I'm struggling to stay awake! :P
    There's no need to send me the money though. This way you can choose the organization you prefer and donate directly. They all seem to accept online donations nowadays. Hope that works for you.

  5. I'm going to be cheering you on big time! That is a wonderful way to make the read-a-thon have even a greater impact.

    Hope you are feeling much better now!

  6. Thanks Iliana! Yes, I'm feeling better. Still a bit over tired but other than that, not too bad. :)

  7. I'm trying to get really involved this October so I'd love to sponsor you. I'm UK based so can I sponsor you 20p per page (that used to be like 40 c but who knows in these economic times). Just drop by my main blog after you finish and let me know how much to send and how to donate.

  8. Jodie - Thanks so much! I had a look at your blogger profile, so I assume your main blog is Book Gazing, is that right? I'll be in touch after the read-a-thon is over.
    I had a peek at your Etsy shop too and I think it's wonderful that you're donating part of the proceeds of your pink line to Breast Cancer research. :)

  9. I'm one of the cheerleaders, so I'll definitely be cheering you on!

    I think this is a wonderful cause that you've chosen. And that you are doing it partially in support of Stephanie. I'd love to match your pledge, but I've already committed to another reader.

    However, I will give you a bit of a challenge. For every 500 pages that you read I will donate $5.
    I'll look forward to you telling me how much I have to donate!

    Happy reading!
    fizzybeverage at gmail dot com

    PS: you're not a speed reader, are you??

  10. softdrink - You're in luck, I'm actually a fairly slow reader. :P
    But seriously, thank you for sponsoring me and for cheering me on! :)

  11. Hiya just a quick drop by - my main blog is actually (still haven't made bookgazing get up and go yet) and I'll be hanging out read-a-thon posting over there all 24 hours.

  12. Jodie - Thanks for letting me know which blog to find you at. I'll come over and see how you're doing.


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