Monday, November 24, 2008

ginkgo tree

At last the leaves have started to change colour here. On Saturday we took some pictures of the glorious yellow ginkgo trees at Showa Kinen Park.


  1. Look at all those golden leaves! So beautiful.

  2. Oh, so pretty!! Our trees are all bare. Now we get to rake leaves. ;)

  3. Wendy - It was very pretty with the sun shining on them. Glad we went Saturday since it's been either cloudy or rainy since then.

    Les - LOL. The downside of autumn! :P

  4. So very pretty, here to all the leaves are gone, still have to take photos of all the bare trees.

  5. Gingkos are so pretty...I found one in a cemetery here and was so excited!

  6. Sylvie - Some of the trees are starting to look bare here. The Japanese maple are still changing colour so hopefully we'll get a chance to take some pictures of those soon.

    Janet - They really are so pretty, especially in the sun. :)


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