Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Tuesday...

You may remember that last week I wasn't sure where to go next: France, Sweden, or China. Well I ended up going to ballet school in Paris for a while and boy was it strict (The Book of Proper Names by Amélie Nothomb)! After that, I spent some time with my favourite vampire family, and some non-vampires too, in Forks, Washington, with a quick trip to Italy (New Moon by Stephenie Meyer). Now I'm back in Paris where I'm a painter, but I'll soon be in China remembering my childhood and the life I had there (The Painter of Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein).

It's well past noon - and well into the formal start of the day at most brothels - when Yuliang reaches the third-to-last establishment on the Lane of Lingering Happiness. A tiny, rundown house, it declares itself the Palace of Shining Opulence despite several broken shutters and a balcony that sags.
(The Painter of Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein)


  1. Woooo, you are sure traveling a lot :P still have to put mine up. Oliver jumped on my lap and hit my keyboard this morning, so I have the "i" disloged and have to hit it hard to show up........grrrrrrrrr, love hm to much to punish him, just have to remember to hit the i hard.

    Nat, spend a wonderful Thanksgving, do not know if they have it in Japan but think Canada yes? When are you gong home?

  2. Sylvie - Yup, lots of travelling lately - aren't books great? :)
    LOL about Oliver dislodging the key! Silly boy!
    No Thanksgiving in Japan and Canadian Thanksgiving was last month so nothing special to celebrate this week for us. But Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
    I'm going to be in Canada for Christmas so will leave just a few days before. I'm sure it'll be here before I know it though, time has a way of disappearing.


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