Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Salon: A Rather Unproductive Day

I'm back from my little blog break but boy am I behind now. I have blogs to visit, books to read, emails to send, photos to sort, and many other things besides but I didn't seem to get much of anything done today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. I haven't been reading a whole lot over the last couple of weeks either because I was spending most of my free time working on the photo project I unveiled yesterday. I found out today that my Japan 2009 Calendar was featured in Zazzle's "Today's Best" on Saturday. I wonder how those are chosen but it was nice to hear regardless. To celebrate my new online venture, don't forget to enter here for your chance to win one of my calendars.

But back to books, since I last joined the Salon two weeks ago, I finished reading Wuthering Heights, which I ended up really enjoying despite the very unlikeable main characters. Since then I've been reading the stories that make up Lighting the Dark Side by William R. Potter. I'm off to bed soon where I plan to get cozy under the covers (I'm loving this cooler weather!) and finish off the last story in the collection. I've liked all of them so far, but I'll tell you more when I review the book later in the week. So just a quick post from me this Sunday. Hope you all have a good week ahead.


  1. How exciting that your Japan 2009 calendar was featured as on of Zazzle's best!

    I hope you have a great week, Nat!

  2. I read WUTHERING HEIGHTS late last year, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. As you said, the main characters are distinctly unlikeable... and yet, the book itself is strangely addictive.

  3. I really should give Wuthering Heights another try sometime. I didn't like it, but I read it too long ago to still trust my own opinion :P I look forward to your review.

  4. Wuthering Heights is another of those classics that I still haven't managed to fit in. Someday...

  5. Congratulation Nat! Your photos are incredible and I can easily see why you where chosed "Best".

    I am so enjoying THE GARGOYLE by Andrew Davidson, I know you'd love it along with Ana. It might end being my favorite read with THE THINGS THEY CARRIED and CAT'S EYE which if you can get your hands on, read it. It takes place in wintery Canada, anyway I really liked it.

    I wish you a nice week nat :)

  6. Pretty! Would you say you're happy with Zazzle and the service it provides? I'd like to create some Aussie calendars, but I'm going through Lulu at the moment.

  7. I love your Japan calendar!!! It's amazing! Congrats on getting it listed on their top picks!

  8. I'm impressed that you managed to enjoy Wuthering Heights despite the unlikable characters; I haven't been able to rise above that.

  9. Wendy - Thanks! :)

    Memory - "Strangely addictive" is a good choice of words to describe it. :P

    Nymeth - I had no idea what I'd think of it when I started but I really did enjoy it. Nicely gothic and great setting! :)

    John - I have plenty of 'those classics' that I still haven't got to too.

    Sylvie - Thanks! I ordered a copy of The Gargoyle and it's waiting for me in Canada (was cheaper than I could get it here). I'm really looking forward to reading it. I'll have to see about getting a copy of Cat's Eye sometime.

    JM - Well I've only just started to use Zazzle and I've never used any other similar sites so I can't really compare, but so far it seems ok. They apparently had a big overhaul on the site in the summer that caused a few problems but I haven't experienced any myself yet. The only thing I've found is the Help pages aren't all fully updated so sometimes it's not always easy to find the answers I'm looking for. I hadn't heard of Lulu but I looked it up and it seems like a nice site.

    Chris - Thanks! :)

  10. Florinda - LOL. I know that puts a lot of people off it. I've never really had a problem with unlikeable characters for some reason, as long as I'm enjoying the story itself.

  11. Congrats on finishing Wuthering Heights. I did manage, but my reaction was more WTH??? Not a single likable character.

  12. Kim - Thanks. I'm glad I finally read it. I still don't get how people find it romantic, but I did enjoy it.


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