Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Salon: A Day Without Reading

Last week I mentioned that I'd started New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Well, I read more when I went to bed last Sunday and then on Monday (it was a National Holiday here), I couldn't seem to stop reading it even though I had other things I should've been doing, and finished it! It'd been a year since I read Twilight and it was a lot of fun getting caught up in that world again! I was seriously tempted to start Eclipse right away but I have a couple of challenges ending soon that I'd like to try to finish so it'll have to wait.

To that end, I'm now reading The Painter of Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein. I'd hoped to read more of it today but I haven't read much of anything at all today. What have I been doing instead of reading? Let's see...I slept late, answered a few emails, did laundry, made minestrone soup (which was quite good if I do say so myself), did the big pile of dishes in the sink, browsed some books online, played with the cats, watched a couple of episodes of House: Season Four, and now here I am. It's late and I really should get to bed but I'll read at least a little bit before I fall asleep. I can't believe tomorrow is the first of December! Where has this year gone?

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Have a great week!


  1. "I can't believe tomorrow is the first of December! Where has this year gone?"

    I know!

    You have a great week too :)

  2. Isn't it odd how we can do everything but read some times?

  3. Nymeth - This year has really flown by! Well, except for the neverending summer! ;)

    debnance - So true! Sometimes I wish the dishes and laundry would magically wash themselves! :P

  4. Where has the year gone indeed! I don't know what's going on with me but I seem to be getting very little reading done.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Painter of Shanghai - I remember wanting to read that one when it came out!

  5. I just got Twilight and New Moon and can't wait to read them, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait for Winter Break now. :-(

  6. Iliana - It really does feel like the year has gone by very quickly. I've enjoyed what I've read of The Painter of Shanghai so far.

    Renee - Those'll be fun holiday reading! Besides it's probably good to wait if you can't afford to get lost in them for several hours right now! :P

  7. I'm about halfway through New Moon right now, having started it not quite 24 hours ago. It's amazing how easily her books go down. I'm not sure what the magic is.

  8. Debra - I know what you mean. I'm not sure what the magic is either but I got completely caught up in both of the ones I've read so far.


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