Saturday, December 27, 2008

2nds Challenge completed

The goal of the challenge was to read 4 books by authors that we've only read once before. I ended up reading 3 from my original list of possibles.

Books completed:
Grotesque - Natsuo Kirino (previously read Out)
The Book of Proper Names - Amélie Nothomb (previously read Fear and Trembling)
New Moon - Stephenie Meyer (previously read Twilight)
Sabine's Notebook - Nick Bantock (previously read Griffin & Sabine)

And will I read a third book by these authors?
Definitely for all of them!

Thanks so much Joy for hosting this challenge for the last two years! I've successfully completed it both years which is a nice feeling. And of course it's been great to have a little encouragement to revisit some authors that I'd been meaning to for a while. I won't be joining the challenge again next year though because with the new host, the rule is to read 12 books, and I've come to realise that I just don't do well with challenges that require much more than 6 books. Oh well, it's probably a good thing since I've already joined quite a few and plan to join a few others during the year. Anyone up for a 3rds Challenge?! ;) (just joking!)


  1. Congratulations, Tanabata! I'm glad that you were successful at the 2nds Challenge - two years in a row! :) I hope you enjoy the new challenges you choose for 2009. Happy Reading!

  2. Way to go! I liked doing this one the year before, but didn't finish it this year.

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge!

    I am still trying to decide which challenges I want to take part in. I have a long list of books I will be reading, but so few fall into the 2nds or 1st in a Series Challenges, both of which I would like to participate in. If I sign up for those two, both requiring 12 books each, I won't have a lot of room to read off the cuff. Then again, I don't have to make lists ahead of time. Decisions, decisions.

  4. Joy - Thanks again for hosting! I'm sure I'll have fun with the many challenges I'm joining for next year. Happy reading to you too and Happy New Year!

    Booklogged - I didn't finish all my challenges either but they're still fun! :)

    Wendy - Thanks! I still have a couple more challenges that I plan to join but haven't posted about officially yet. LOL. Good luck choosing yours. :P

  5. Congrats on finishing the challenge. I know what you mean about not doing challenges which require a lot of books - I don't do very well with those either. For the most part I'm sticking with challenges that require 6 or less books.

  6. Thanks Iliana. Yup, I've decided not to join challenges requiring me to read 12 books anymore. The Orbis Terrarum Challenge will be 9 again next year I think but that's the only one over six. Hopefully I'll have a little better luck this way. :)


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