Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Farewell Dewey

I'm still feeling quite stunned about yesterday's sad news. There have been many wonderful tributes which have been all quite moving and which just go to show how many people's lives she touched. I never had much direct contact with her myself but I have enjoyed many of the community events she so enthusiastically organised and find it hard to believe she won't be there urging us on anymore. I think Nymeth said it well:
I think shock and disbelief are common enough reactions when we hear that someone has passed away. But somehow that's even more noticeable when it's someone we knew online, because there isn't even a physical absence - just silence where words used to be. And somehow that makes it even more difficult to process.
The book blogging community has certainly lost one of its stars. I'm sure she would want us to carry on with what she's started but she will be truly missed! Thank you for everything Dewey!


  1. I'm still stunned too. She really did touch an incredibly number of people. I hope she knew how much we all appreciated her.

  2. I think it's great to see all these tributes to Dewey. It really shows how much she meant to the book blogging community. She was a special lady and will be missed tremendously.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. I'm stunned too. I think even more so today than I was yesterday. I know she'd want us to carry on what she started too! And she'll certainly be missed.

  4. OMG! I knew of her...but hadn't been to her blog lately. I'm glad to hear she's not in pain anymore.

  5. Thank-you Nat and Ana for your words, I am in shock, it is also a reminder that even so we do not see one another we are indeed very real and our feelings go deep.

  6. I think Nymeth stated what my husband and I were discussing last night. Not only is there just silence where words used to be, but now there's no chance of ever meeting this person f2f. That's something I always think might happen with the people I know in the blogging world...

  7. I think we're all stunned. Dewey is already very much missed. I'm so glad her husband let us know. A couple of bloggers have simply disappeared and it's horrible to know that she is truly gone from us for good, but better than not knowing.

  8. Nymeth - I hope she did too!

    Anna - She did such a wonderful job at building up our book blogging community!

    Chris - She will indeed!

    Janet - Yes, that's the positive side to hold on to.

    Sylvie - It so true that even though we may never have met in person, we truly do care about each other. I find I often chat with my online friends more often than my real friends! :)

    Les - There always is that hope isn't there? You just let me know when you, Nancy and I can have our mini meetup in the Pacific Northwest! :)

    Nancy - I know what you mean, it's always better to know than to be left wondering. I do find it fascinating how much online relationships have become a part of our lives. I wonder if there have been many studies done yet about it.

  9. Les - There always is that hope isn't there? You just let me know when you, Nancy and I can have our mini meetup in the Pacific Northwest!

    And now this seems even more important to try to do! Maybe we should think about this place.

  10. What I can't get over is now knowing how much she was suffering yet still managed to post so many reviews, host events, etc. Amazing. Yes, thank you Dewey!

  11. I was so saddened by the news of Dewey's death. It came as such a shock. She was such an inspiration to other bloggers. She'll definitely be missed.

  12. Les - Oh I've heard of Point No Point but have never been! Sounds great! I could easily work that around a trip home to visit dad. :)

    Iliana - She mentioned some health problems occasionally but never indicating just how serious they were. She really was amazing!

    Wendy - I'm still feeling sad, it's thrown me off kilter a bit this week. :(


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