Saturday, December 06, 2008

Randomness, catching up on Awards/Memes

I was tagged by Nymeth a few months ago for the 6 Random Things Meme but I never got around to doing it. Yes, the regular random version before the bookish version that's made the rounds more recently! So sorry Nymeth. Instead of random things about me though, because I can't think of anything interesting right now (but if you want to know more about me I've done somewhat similar memes before here, here, and here), I give you six random things about the furboys. (FYI, Jiro is the one on the left, Bailey the white one on the right).
*Jiro is about half the size of Bailey but can hold his own in their regular wrestling matches.
*Bailey's favourite snack is nori (dried seaweed). Jiro's favourite treat is canned salmon.
*If I'm in the kitchen making a salad or something with greens, Jiro usually comes to see what I'm doing. If I give him a piece of lettuce or celery leaves, he'll chew on them for awhile. Must be craving some vitamins? Bailey, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with vegetables.
*We can't leave any kind of plastic bags around otherwise Bailey will try to eat them!
*Bailey knows his name and will come when called, but Jiro has no clue.
*Their favourite places to sleep change regularly and are often influenced by the season. Currently Bailey's favourite is the chair in the bedroom, while Jiro is quite in love with a certain Ikea wool blanket.

I've also received a couple of awards. So thank you to Sylvie for the Hooked on Your Blog Award. And thank you to Karen at BookBath for the Kreativ Blogger Award. This one includes a meme of sevens:

7 things I did before
play the piano
ice skate
work retail
read chicklit
live on a farm
have a dog (and cats)

7 things I do now
take photos
teach English
read vampire novels
live in a big city
collect poppets

7 things I want to do
speak Japanese fluently
speak French fluently
live in Europe
have a home library
lose weight
have more hours in a day
procrastinate less

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
a sense of humour
being considerate to others
confidence (without being arrogant)
beautiful eyes
a fondness for reading

7 favorite foods
my mom's macaroni and cheese
rhubarb pie
gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce
French bread

7 things I say most often
No problem.
Bakka (It has several meanings, when I say it I essentially mean 'you goof'. Said regularly to Jiro - he's a very silly cat - and occasionally to H!)
Where's Bailey?
Where's Jiro?
Are you coming home for dinner?
See you next week. (Most of my students have lessons once a week).
I'm almost done. (And then continue to do stuff on the computer for another hour or so).

And last but not least, I was tagged by Iliana for the 7 Random Book Facts Meme.

I love bookmarks! Whenever we go somewhere I always seem to pick up a couple, so I've got quite a collection of them. But I usually end up using the free ones instead of my 'nice' ones! I also often use postcards as bookmarks. They're a nice size for large hardbacks.

Another bookmark fact, I always turn the bookmark to face the page that I'm on.

When we move I always make a point of packing my books myself before moving day, and this takes some doing since there are so many. But I don't trust the movers to pack them carefully. Instead I let them pack the dishes and other breakables.

I really love books with rough paper edges.

In my reading log, I keep track of how many pages in each book. But I take this literally to mean pages that I read so I flip through and subtract any blank pages and then add any extra pages that weren't numbered, like an introduction. Oh and illustrations get counted since I still spend time looking at the illustration.

I don't dogear, or write in my books, or lay them open face down. I'm a bit analcareful reader so most of my books look brand new even after I've read them. I'm slightly more easy-going with paperbacks lately... slightly.

I haven't been to many author signings but my favourite was probably meeting David Mitchell briefly. He's such a nice guy!

Well, I think these have all done the rounds plus you know I always feel bad choosing only a few people for awards, so I'm not going to tag anyone specifically. But feel free to grab the memes if you'd like to play. :)


  1. First I love this photo of your furyboys :P
    Favorite foods could have been my list except for the Tomato, I like tomato sauce and tomatoes on my sandwich or slices of tomatoes with slices of provolon, basil leaves dribled with olive oil, but the tomato alone leaves me ho hum.
    Love Chocolat
    rhubarb/strawberry tart
    gnocci (one of my favorite foods)
    Of course Frencch bread and cheese :P
    Oh yes men with beautful eyes my downfall

  2. Nothing to apologize for! And I love the twist you gave it! Learning more about Jiro and Bailey was great :) I really enjoyed your answers to the other memes as well.

  3. I love all of these answers! lol...Especially the 7 bookish things meme because it reminds me so much of me! Not only do I put my bookmark facing the page I'm on, but I put the bottom of the bookmark on the line I left off on, lol...And your cats are adorable as always!

  4. Your boys are adorable! And handsome. I went to your site with the rest of your pics of the cats. Put a smile on my face.

    I have two girls myself. One tabby tiger gray and an all gray. They like to walk across the keyboard when I'm writing my blog entries.

  5. Your furboys are TOO funny!! How are you not playing along in Whiskers on Wednesday ALL THE TIME!? Come join us!!

  6. I love your take on the 6 random things meme. :-) And look at that photo! Jiro and Bailey look like their having a good time. :-)

    I've noticed that Anya will eat just about anything, but Parker is very picky.

    What a neat trick with the bookmark! I'll have to start doing that. :-)

    I like books with rough paper edges too.

  7. Your post made me smile. I do the same thing with bookmarks: I have dozens of really "nice" ones, yet I still seem to use the same old junky ones, or, better yet, a slip of paper or an envelope. Once, a bill -- that didn't turn out so well.

    And I can't believe you got to meet David Mitchell!! I'm very envious!

  8. Sylvie - It's not the clearest picture but I thought it was pretty cute. I actually don't have that many of them together.
    About tomatoes, it's true that I don't usually eat them on their own, but I seem to love anything with tomatoes in it! :)

    Nymeth - I thought you might like this twist. Glad you did! :P

    Chris - Oh I don't line up the bookmark with the line I'm on. I usually try to finish the page but it doesn't always work out easily, I'll have to try that! :)

    blacklin - I'm glad the boys made you smile. Jiro is a total lapcat again now that it's colder. Makes typing a little awkward sometimes. :)

    Monica - They are pretty funny sometimes. They're also quite frustrating sometimes but the good definitely outweighs the bad. I keep forgetting about Whiskers on Wednesday. I'll have to try to join in next year.
    BTW, sorry about the extra comment. I have comment moderation on so that's why you couldn't see it. I've deleted the second one as you requested.

    Wendy - They are pretty silly sometimes. I really don't have too many photos of the two of them together unfortunately. I'll have to be more prepared to catch them in the act sometime.
    About other food, Jiro is really picky, but he likes lettuce. ???
    LOL. Cats! :P

    Bibliolatrist - Yes, I'll use any kind of bit of paper as a bookmark instead of the pretty ones in the drawer!
    I was so glad I got the chance to meet David Mitchell. He did a signing in London while we were living in Cambridge so of course I had to go!

  9. OMG - I do the same thing with bookmarks - turn them to face the page that I'm on! Too funny.

    If you figure out how to get more hours in the day please share the secret :)

  10. Iliana - LOL. I suppose for us bookworms it only seems logical! :P
    As for finding the secret to more hours in the day, please don't hold your breath!

  11. Bailey reminds me of my Molly...she was the coolest cat :-)

  12. Janet - Was she also the naughtiest, most demanding cat ever?! ;)


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