Sunday, December 14, 2008

the warm colours of autumn

Taken last weekend at Rikugien Japanese garden.


  1. That's very colourful! A relaxing place to stroll in. Have fun!

  2. Those colors are rich and warm. What a beautiful garden.

  3. How beautiful!! Autumn is my absolute favourite season. It went by far too quickly here and we are already in the throes of winter.

  4. Very beautiful photo! I love the colors of autumn.

    My weekend snapshots are here and here should you want to check it, too.

  5. You want to see my nice colours of autumn? It is of the white, fluffy variety!

  6. Stunning. I think this is one of my favourites of your pictures. And considering how much I always love them, that's saying a lot.

  7. It is a lovely warm photo.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the secret santa gift, it's great!

  8. Fantastic photo, Nat!! I love the reflection on the water. And, man oh man, those colors are gorgeous!!

  9. Oh so pretty! Much prettier than the frosty, icy leaves here today. :)

  10. Thanks to fellow Weekend Snapshot members, Dora, Sandy and Jenn for stopping by.

    mariel - I love autumn too! It seemed like it would never arrive, and then now it's gone, much too quickly.

    Thanks Joy!

    Kailana - LOL. I wouldn't mind some of the white, fluffy stuff actually! :P

    Nymeth - That is quite the compliment. Thanks. :)

    Thanks Wendy!

    Sarah - You're very welcome. I'm really pleased that you like it. :)

    Les - The sun was starting to go down which helped make them appear even more orange. I usually love the really red leaves but this was quite pretty.

    Andi - Frosty leaves can make for nice photos too though. :P

    Thanks Teddy Rose!

  11. Wow! Gorgeous colors! I'm so envious of your access to pretty gardens.

  12. Nancy - I wish I could just look out the window and see some trees or something instead of buildings and concrete. But I am glad that at least there are gardens we can escape to sometimes on weekends.


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