Saturday, January 17, 2009

'Written in Blood'

by Sheila Lowe
Fiction/Mystery, 2008
Obsidian (Penguin US), mm pb, 306 p.
Claudia Rose Forensic Handwriting Mystery series, Book 2
Claudia Rose’s latest client is a dime-a-dozen type. The widow of a rich older man, Paige Sorensen is younger than – and hated by – her stepchildren. And they’re dead set on proving that Paige forged their father’s signature on his will, which left his entire estate, including the Sorensen Academy, to her.

Intrigued by this real-life soap opera, Claudia soon breaks one of the cardinal rules of business: Never get personally involved. But Claudia has grown attached to a troubled Sorensen student, and when disaster strikes, she’ll realize that reading between the lines can mean the difference between life and death.
This was a fun mystery that kept me turning the pages and I raced through it in just a couple of days. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a handwriting expert as the main character before but I really enjoyed the brief explanations of handwriting analysis woven into the story, and getting to know the analyst and heroine, Claudia Rose. (I wonder what she or the author, who herself is a handwriting expert, would say about my scrawl?) I did want to shake her for her naivety at one point but I suppose the story wouldn’t have been quite as exciting or suspenseful if she hadn’t walked right into that situation so I forgive it as a plot device.

Written in Blood is actually the second book in the series but since it was sent to me for review, I decided to read this one first and go from there, even though I usually prefer to read series books from the beginning. Well, after thoroughly enjoying this one, the first book in the series, Poison Pen, is now on my wishlist, as is the third book in the series, Dead Write, which is to be published in August 2009. I look forward to reading more of Claudia's handwriting adventures.

Thank you to the author, Sheila Lowe, and Bostick Communications for the opportunity to read this book.

Author's website
Interview with the author

My Rating: 4/5
(#2 for 2008, ARC Reading Challenge)

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad to read that you thoroughly enjoyed this one. I have Poison Pen on my wish list as well. :)

  2. This sounds good, Nat! I will have to add the first book in the series to my wish list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Oh, good, I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I still haven't gotten past the first chapter, but merely because I've been trying to wrap up some others so I can review and move on. Thanks for the hint about putting an accent in text, Nat!!

  4. This sounds like a really good series. I've got the first one on my wish list, as I like to read them in order too :)

  5. Joy - I haven't read a lot of mysteries to compare it to but it was a lot of fun.

    Wendy - I definitely plan to go back and read the first one. I hope you enjoy it too if/when you get around to reading it.

    Nancy - It was a really quick read. I'm sure you'll fly right through it when you find the time. And I'm glad my suggestion for how to post names with accents worked for you.

    Iliana - I'm glad this was only the second one and not too far into a series, so at least I only have one book to read to catch up! :)

  6. I added the link to the ARC Challenge Post.


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