Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fill-ins

1. It seems like we've barely had any winter and now spring is already on its way. The forecast for tomorrow is for a temperature of about 20C (70F).

2. Wash your hands when you're done, please?

3. If I thought you would enjoy it I'd let you know!

4. Goofiness and laughter is what I think of most when I think of you.

5. To me, Valentine's Day means chocolate, or essentially a commercial holiday created by candy makers to sell more stuff! Of course I love my husband (and I love chocolate!) but I don't need a special day to remember that! ;)
And if you're in Japan, Valentine's Day is one-sided, only women give chocolates to men. Then one month later on March 14th, White Day, which was apparently started in 1978 by the National Confectioners Industry Association, the men give chocolate or gifts to the women.
But that's not all, in Japan you also have the giri choco (obligation chocolates) that you must give to your co-workers! Reminds me of kindergarten and having to give a Valentine to every one in your class, which is fine when you're 5 years old but for an office full of adults? Anyway, sorry for the mini rant!

6. Tranquility and nature give(s) me strength.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to curling up with a hot mug of tea, a cat, and my book, tomorrow my plans include spending the day with H and hopefully taking the camera out for the first time in weeks and Sunday, I want to relax and read!

Also a big thank you to Karen of Book Bath for bestowing on me the Premio Dardas award! She had this to say: "I love this blog for it's beautiful content and presentation." Thank you so much, Karen!
As usual I'm going to bow out of passing it on because it's just too hard to choose and while I haven't been very good about stopping by lately (time seems to be disappearing even faster than usual recently!!), I think you all have wonderful, unique, blogs that represent your own personalities, and I love visiting all of them!

Part of my recent time drain is no doubt due to Twitter. I'm still figuring my way around but I have to say it does kinda suck being in such a completely different time zone as I miss out on most of the conversations and feel like I'm just talking to myself a lot of the time. Following some of the publishers is kind of fun though to hear about new books and such, and there are other random things to amuse.
I can't remember now who tweeted the link to this YouTube video on twitter today but it's hilarious and perfectly explains why I just don't get Facebook. (I have an account but almost never log in). I'm still chuckling over it - do watch it!


  1. hahaha the accents alone were worth that video!

  2. Hi nat :)

    I missed my calling, always wanted to go to Japan when I was young...and now you tell us about all those chocolate gifts...yummmmmmmmmmmmm I am a chocohalic. I am going to spoil myself with Godiva, books and some clothe before I have to see this ex of mine...there do not feel sad for me, it's just a bad hour in court and then it is settled :))))))))))))))))))))))

    Enjoy some of the chocolats if you do offer them to H :D

  3. Remind me never to spend Valentine's Day in Japan :-). And your weather sounds not unlike ours here in Southern California most of the time, although lately it's what passes for winter here - cool and rainy.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That's my kind of weekend! Have a good one, thanks for the visit :)

  5. How fascinating about the Japanese traditions for "love." An obligatory box of chocolates? No, thank you! ;) I had every intention of sitting with a book and tea last nighit, when my son's girlfriend's mother invited us to her dance show. Of course, I had to attend, and it was lovely, but...

  6. Love the video! So true, so true.

  7. That YouTube clip is hilarious! I signed up for Facebook for a photoblog group, only to quit after about 30 seconds. Decided I didn't need yet one more reason to sit here in front of the computer!!

  8. haha! I had the same answer for #2. I love facebook..and that video is sooo funny! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Valentine's day is such a weird thing. I like how in Mexico they refer to it as the day of Love and Friendship. It's nice to include everyone in the love fest don't you think? As opposed to just couples.

    Oh and we did have tons of chocolate but that's just the usual for us :)

  10. That video is HILARIOUS. I am a non-facebook person, and that expresses it so well.

  11. Janet - They're great, aren't they? :P

    Sylvie - I hope you did spoil yourself with some good chocolates and good books! :)

    Florinda - It's been colder again this week, or warm one day cold the next. The weather just can't make up its mind!

    Jack - It was a pretty good weekend, thanks!

    Bellezza - LOL. This year because Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday the chocolate companies ramped up their advertising to counteract the fact that there wouldn't be much 'obligation chocolate' in offices since it was a day off for most.
    I think I need to settle in with a mug of tea and my book again. It's been a busy few days.

    Terri B. - Glad you enjoyed it! :P

    Les - I know what you mean. I probably shouldn't have joined Twitter but at least it doesn't have all the poking and all the mindless add-ons like Facebook.

    Kris - You're welcome. :)

    Booklogged - Ah yes, some tranquility would be much appreciated right about now!

    Iliana - I have no problem with chocolate any day! The Mexican idea for Valentine's Day sounds really nice.

    Kim L - It still makes me smile just thinking about it! And it's so true! :P


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