Friday, March 06, 2009

PhotoHunt: Space

A bookish take on this week's theme, since I'm seriously lacking space on my bookshelves. These aren't my only shelves but the rest are just as full. We also don't have any space to put in a new bookshelf. Guess I better get reading!


  1. Hi Nat :D

    I spend a little time looking at your books...this attraction to books is real.

    Thank-you for sharing a corner of your home with us

    Have a enjoyable week-end

  2. Great photo! I was just contemplating a new bookcase the other day. I decided to ignore that little voice and concentrate on reading what I own and stop bringing home so many new ARCs. We'll see how that goes. ;)

  3. It's so good to know I'm not alone in overcrowded boookshelves!

  4. lol, you definitely could do with a new shelf :P That's too bad there isn't any space for one. But on the bright side, there's something about a completely full bookshelf like yours that makes me smile.

  5. I can relate to too many books and not enough shelf space. I also lay some of my books down on their sides to fit in more books. And like you I need to get reading, too!

  6. Awesome bookshelves! It makes feel good just to look at all those lovely books :o)
    I see you have a "lucky cat" on one of your shelves. I think that is what you call the cat with one paw up and curled. My husband and I use that pose as a sort of secret sign to each other. I know ... we're silly.

  7. I'm jealous of your bookshelf. I don't have one, so all of my books are in my drawers, which leaves little space for my clothes :p

    You have a lot of books that look good too! Happy Reading :)

    ~ Popin

  8. I wish I could conjure up more space too! My bookshelves are just like yours and there's no space for another one either. Still that means we're not going to run out of books for a while.

  9. Such a shelf always brings a smile to my face. You have quite the collection. You need an extra house for your books...

  10. That's a lot of books! I don't have any room for anymore bookshelves, either. My shelves are not quite that cluttered yet, though, but they will before long...

  11. Sylvie - Glad you enjoyed browsing my shelves. There's absolutely no organization at all, only by size, so it's very random. :P
    BTW, I hope you're feeling a bit better!

    Les - LOL. I'd love another shelf but we really don't have anywhere to put one. I need to do some rearranging I think. I am trying to read my own books too but I can't stop buying completely!

    Amy - I'm glad I'm not the only one either. :)

    Wendy - My husband read the comments and so I told him that there are lots of other people just like me! He smiled. :)

    Nymeth - Glad my shelves make you smile. But I still have a couple of stacks of books on a chair that I really need to figure out where to put! :P

    Danielle - I suppose it's a good problem to have, but someday I dream of having them not so cramped.

    Terri B. - LOL. I love that my fellow book bloggers completely understand! :)
    Yes, I actually have 3 lucky cats (sometimes called 'beckoning cats') on the shelf next to each other, but only one is 'real', the white one. It's actually the one that I took a photo of and used as my profile picture.

    Popin - Priorities, right? Books are much more important than clothes! LOL. And you're right, I really should get reading some of those.

    BooksPlease - It's true, I think I have enough unread books to last me a few years!

    daydream - LOL. I wouldn't mind a dedicated room just for my books, a little home library. Maybe someday.

    Kailana - It took a little while to get them quite that stuffed, but now they've reached saturation point! Have fun filling yours! ;)

  12. You always have the prettiest books - so pristine. We're beyond saturation point, too. I'm looking for things to get rid of. Also, I'm finding that if you read *too* fast, it's hard to keep up with the quantity of books you're done reading. Figuring out how to disburse my ARCs and other books is getting to be a pain! I think I'm going to look into the soldier donation site.

  13. hahahaha I was like...what's that ropy thing on the outside of the shelf? Great shot! Man...that's a lot of books!

  14. Nancy - A good portion of these I haven't read yet, but my books do often still look quite new after I've read them. I know what you mean about books you've read but don't plan to keep. I think I should finally join BookMooch this year or I might just give some away on my blog.

    Janet - LOL. Sorry 'bout that! And I know, I'm hopeless when it comes to books.

  15. LOL--that IS a lot of books! I even see some that I'd like to pluck from your shelf (eyeing those Thursday Next sequels since I just finished the first). What would we do without our books, though?

  16. Trish - I don't know what I'd do without them either! Have fun with the rest of the Thursday Next books. I haven't read the last one yet since I keep thinking I'd like to go back and reread the others first. Maybe a project for later in the year.


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