Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Salon: Read-a-thon Redux

Well, Dewey's Readathon for April 2009 is now over. Whew! I was surprised again by how fast the time flew by, but I'm pretty pleased with my day of reading. Here's how I fared.

Total Time Spent Reading
: 8 Hours 50 Minutes
Total Pages Read: 948
Total Books Completed: 5
Total Time Spent Blogging: about 6.5 Hours

Since I completed 5 books, times that by my pledge of $5 per book, it means I'll be donating an additional $25 to the Book Wish Foundation this month, which I'll be adding to the approx. $50 I've accumulated since January.

Last year, for the read-a-thon in October, I read 605 pages in 10 hours and 5 minutes (actual reading time - blogging and other activities subtracted) and completed 4 books, so even though I actually read for less time this time, I think I did pretty well. I also had fun taking pictures of some of the Japanese snacks I nibbled on during the read-a-thon, and my reading buddy Jiro, which you can see in the update posts below.

These are the books I read during the read-a-thon:
Emma, vol. 8 - Kaoru Mori
The Character of Rain - Amélie Nothomb
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 - David Petersen
Skim - Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki

My favourite of those is The Graveyard Book. A wonderful fantastical tale of growing up. I had tears in my eyes at the end of it! I really enjoyed all of them though. Reading graphic novels was great for my tired eyes and sometimes waning concentration. The art in Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 was simply stunning, and the story in Skim was quite moving. It was fun to find out more about some of the minor characters in the Emma series that I read last month, and Amélie Nothomb's perception of the world is always amusing to read. Now I have a lot of reviews to catch up on but it was a very successful day of reading all round. Well done to everyone who participated in the read-a-thon, and thank you again to the wonderful co-hosts, and organizing geniuses Nymeth, Hannah and Trish.

Last week, before the read-a-thon, I also finished reading Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball. It was both humourous and touching at the same time and I quite enjoyed it. Now I'll be getting back to the short stories in Mother Superior by Saleema Nawaz, but tomorrow, after I've had some sleep. How was your weekend?

Week in Review:
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  1. Fantastic stats, Tanabata! Congratulations on finishing another Read-A-Thon!!

  2. Congratulations! That's a lot of reading for charity. I'm glad you enjoyed The Graveyard Book.

  3. I read Emma Vol 8 the other night! I will be sad to see that series end... You read a lot of great books! Congrats!

  4. The end of The Graveyard Book made me all teary-eyed too. Such a great story.

    You did great in the read-a-thon! I'm so glad you were able to join again.

  5. You did great. In fact, I found all this so inspiring that I really want to cheer AND read next time! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. Good for you and that great stack of books there. I also loved The Graveyard Book and had tears in my eyes by end. Hope your Readathon experience was everything you hoped. Maybe next time for me. Today I am reading Unaccustomed Earth. Happy reading!

  7. well done on completing the readathon. I did well reading 5 books.

  8. Yes, I surprised myself a little by getting all sniffly at the end of The Graveyard Book. It's such a lovely book.

    Congratulations on finishing the read-a-thon!

  9. You had a great stack of books. Congratulations on raising so much money for your charity. Have a great week.

  10. You read such great books! Wasn't Skim fantastic? And I'm thrilled of course to hear that you loved the Graveyard Book. I loved that book so much..

  11. Awesome job on the read-a-thon! Way to go. You were just shy of 1000 pages. Fantastic!

  12. Wow, you got a lot accomplished in a short time! Very impressive. And I loved The Graveyard book as well... what a delightful read!

  13. You are AWESOME!! Wow. 5 books? I don't know how you guys do it.

    I have The Graveyard Book from the library. I hope to read it this week!!

    Congrats on a great read-a-thon!

  14. Oh! You accomplished so much during the read-a-thon, tanabata!

    By the way, I have an award for you. It's way below the read-a-thon posts, I'm afraid.

  15. I'm really glad you liked The Graveyard Book. I had high hopes that it would work for you! And I'm glad you're recovering well from the readathon :)

  16. You really did an awesome job finishing five books! And the money you accumulated for the Book Wish Foundation is a wonderful idea :-)

    On a side note: Based on your review I put The Triumph Of Deborah on my wishlist :-)

  17. Loved The Graveyard Book was my third fav from last year!

  18. I picked up Emma, the first one for the series at the lib. Anything I should know before starting it? It seems like you like it, since you are on your 50th or something :) I can't wait!

    I loved the read-a-thon too!! It was such a joy to all be able to do that and share the event. Thanks for your encouragement.

  19. Wendy - Thanks, it was a lot of fun!

    Gavin - The Graveyard Book was a great read!

    Kailana - I enjoyed all the books I read! I didn't like volume 8 quite as much, I guess I missed Emma and William, but I still want to read the next two volumes!

    Nymeth - I was a little surprised how the emotion snuck up on me at the end of The Graveyard Book. Thanks for being such a wonderful co-hostess!

    mjmbecky - Thanks for cheering! I hope you have just as much fun reading next time.

    Frances - It was a lot of fun, I hope you get a chance to join in sometime. I'm waiting for the paperback of Unaccustomed Earth but I loved her previous books!

    Scrap girl - Congrats to you too! Five is a respectable number. :)

    kiirstin - It surprised me too, and I can certainly see why it won the Newbery.

    Vasilly - Thanks. I almost wish it was longer so I could've read more of them last weekend.

    Chris - Skim really was great, I'm glad I picked it up when I was in Canada last year.

    Teddy Rose - Maybe next time I'll be able to break 1000 pages. :)

    Kim L - They were all quick reads so that helped a lot! :P

    Stephanie - Five sounds impressive but like I just said to Kim, they were quick reads, including 2 graphic novels and a manga! I could never read 5 'regular' books in that time.

    Kathrin - Thanks for the award! :)
    I hope the money I donate this year to Book Wish helps out a little bit. And I hope you enjoy The Triumph of Deborah whenever you get to it.

    saveophelia - LOL. I think it took me a good couple of days to recover from the read-a-thon! The Graveyard Book was great, I'm glad I chose it as one of my books for this one.

    Janet - Third fave, huh? I still need to read The Gargoyle. It's in my 'soon-ish' stack and staring at me so hopefully I'll get to it before too long.

    Bethany - I'm so behind on my replies, you've probably already read Emma, but all I'd suggest is if it's your first manga, to make sure you're familiar with the order in which to read the frames (right to left, top to bottom). Otherwise, just enjoy. :)

    Anna - You too! Hope to see both you and The Girl at the next one. :)


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