Tuesday, April 07, 2009

TBR List, and bookish travels

As a follow up to last week's question, Joseph asked how you keep track of your tbr list. Do you have a paper list or on your computer? Do you take it with you when you go shopping? How do you decide what gets added to it?

Like I mentioned in last week's answer about how I keep track of my books, I have a separate sheet in my Excel spreadsheet for TBR books, which for me means the books that I already own but haven't read yet. I also have a sheet for my wish list, which is the books I've heard about that I'd like to read someday. My wish list is very very long though because I keep adding more titles to it. Mainly I hear about books from other book bloggers but any book I hear about that sounds interesting gets added. I seriously doubt I'd ever be able to read all the books on my wish list, and some of the ones I added several years ago I'm probably not as interested in anymore, but it's fun to browse the list once in a while to be reminded about a title, which sometimes prompts me to add it to a book order.

I don't take any kind of list with me when I go book shopping, but then I do most of my actual purchasing online so if I'm in any doubt, it's easy enough to check. I usually have a pretty good idea whether I already have a book or not though, or if I've heard of it before (I may not always remember exactly where from but the author or title will be familiar) so even when I do buy some books from an actual bricks and mortar shop, I don't think I've ever bought one that I already had at home.

How do you keep track of your TBR list or your wish list?

It's Tuesday, where are you?

This week I'm in Vancouver, I believe, as the author of the collection of short stories I'm currently reading is Canadian and the latest story mentions Stanley Park. I'd love to take my camera and have a stroll in Stanley Park right about now. I'm missing the ocean again...
[Mother Superior by Saleema Nawaz]

This week's teaser also comes from Mother Superior.

While Patti divides the kids' clothing into boxes according to seasons, Jan begins packing the books. Between them, David and Patti have seven tall bookcases, all full, the shelves double-stacked and teeming. (p. 71)

I can certainly relate to teeming, double-stacked bookshelves!
What do your shelves look like?


  1. I too relate to double stacked bookshelves!

    Bane of a book lover?!

    This is my post

  2. I have some stored away in the basement and it's like going on a treasure hunt every time I look for a book. My daughter keeps her books on a nice bookcase, all artfully displayed.

    How is "Deborah". I've wanted to read that book and the others like it, but haven't as of yet.

    I am here as well as my weekly teaser

  3. I'm in Civil War era Richmond, Virginia, with Jefferson Davis's second in command, and a spy!

  4. Thanks to my iphone and the Amazon application on it, I just have my wish list and I can pull it up any time I'm at a bookstore. I used to write down a few titles that I kept in my pocket while I went shopping but this is so much easier!

    I like your idea of the TBR spreadsheet of books I already own - especially since my TBR piles are in at least three different places around the house. It would be nice to just take a quick look at it every once in a while and to also maybe discourage buying when I see the actual numbers of unread books around the house!

  5. Oooh, seven tall bookcases - I'm so jealous! I would love to line my walls with bookcases, but not everyone in my family thinks that it's the optimal decor. :)

  6. My TBR list is in my head. I've tried to keep it on paper or on goodreads or library thing or whatever but I'm horrible at updating them.

  7. I am enjoying the latest Morrall very much. I'd be reading it more quickly, but my mom had a stroke in late January and came to live with me last month. Needless to say, my reading time has been curtailed quite a bit.

  8. My shelves aren't double-stacked . . . yet. I give it til winter (southern hemisphere time) unless I do the unthinkable and cull. Or perhaps even if I do.

    I like the new look! (Shows how behind I am in my reading.) And I've given you a Splash Award.

  9. I define TBR and wish list the same way as you, Nat. One of of books I own and the other is of books I want to read but don't yet have in hand.

    I sometimes take a list with me, but other times I don't. It depends on if I am looking for something specific.

    My bookshelves are double stacked too, where possible. It's not so easy to do with hardbacks on some of the narrower shelves. My shelves are definitely bursting at the seams!

  10. gautami tripathy - I think overflowing bookshelves are indeed the bane of the book lover! :P

    kaye - I haven't had a chance to write up a review of The Triumph of Deborah yet, but I should get one up next week. I enjoyed it. I'm not very familiar with the Bible but the time and setting were interesting to read about.

    Marie - Sounds a bit dangerous and exciting!

    Kristen M. - Having a TBR list doesn't seem to discourage me too much from buying more, but the number does shame me sometimes!

    Alyce - Me too! I'd love to have 7 tall bookcases, and the space to put them. Sitting in the living room last night my husband joked about how we'd have more space if there weren't any bookshelves in there. I just said it would be a sad, lonely room without books in it! :P

    Pissenlit - I'm not always very good about updating my Amazon wishlist, but since my main wish list and TBR List are in the same spreadsheet, I simply delete or copy them over to the read tab when I fill it in so there isn't too much overlap.

    Teresa - I was sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she's doing ok. I can certainly understand that you have other concerns occupying your time these days.

    CoversGirl - It's only a matter of time! I probably should cull my books but it's so hard to do. And thanks again for the award. :)

    Wendy - True, if I'm looking for something specific I'll make a note of it, and I do have a shortlist of books that I'd like to get in the near future.

    Hardbacks do take up a lot of space. Sometimes I stack mm paperbacks in front of them when a second row of the same won't fit and just to use the space. My shelves are actually bowing a bit in the centre from the weight! Poor things! :P


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