Thursday, May 07, 2009

'Twilight' obsession

Well, I finally got to see the movie Twilight last month after I got my hands on the DVD. (It was only released in the cinemas in Japan in early April, about the same time that the DVD came out.) I'd heard all the complaints about the poor special effects, the makeup, sparkly Edward and issues with casting, but I still wanted to see if for myself and I have to say I really quite enjoyed it. I thought it felt true to the book, not necessarily in keeping all the details, but in the overall tone.

As for my thoughts on the casting, Carlisle and Esme really don't match up to the image I had of them from the books. Plus I dislike Carlisle's fake blonde hair, and everytime I see the actress who plays Esme I can't help but see the character she played in Grey's Anatomy, Ava/Rebecca. Hardly a beautiful, self-confident vampire type character! But everyone has pretty much grown on me, and Robert Pattinson IS Edward Cullen now.

Should I admit that I've already watched the movie 2 1/2 times? The half is for rewatching some of my favourite scenes again. What were my favourite scenes? I do think Kristen and Robert (Bella and Edward) have great chemistry on screen so I loved all their scenes together. And another favourite has to be the baseball scene, it's just so much fun! Sure, the movie might not be perfect but it certainly kept me entertained!

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I don't usually pay much attention to Hollywood gossip, and I feel a bit sorry for the actors for all the crazy fandom now surrounding them. But lately I've also been known to, on occasion, stop by a couple of the Twilight fan sites looking for news and teasers from the filming of New Moon currently taking place in Vancouver. I have no idea when I'll actually be able to see them here but I can't wait to see the next two films!

by Stephenie Meyer
Fiction/Fantasy/YA, 2005
Megan Tingley (Little, Brown), pb, 498 p.
Twilight series - Book 1

Continuing my Bella and Edward obsession, I ended up re-reading Twilight as well last month. You might remember that I read the Midnight Sun extract earlier this year but that only goes so far. I first read Twilight in September 2007, and after watching the movie I wanted to see just what had been changed from the book. It was fun actually to see how things had been slightly altered or certain conversations moved from one situation to another. And some things in the movie that I thought hadn't been in the book, actually were in the book, so it shows I really had forgotten a lot of it. And even though I already basically knew the story it was once again very addictive reading!

I heard the term "Obsessive Cullen Disorder" recently and had to laugh because I seem to have all the symptoms! LOL. What is it about the Cullens, and Edward in particular, that keeps me wanting more? Although I'm a bit embarrassed at just how addicted I am to this story and these characters, considering I'm not a teenage girl, I'm sure I'll be watching the movie and reading the books all over again... and again.


  1. As for the crazy fandom, New Moon is filming here in Vancouver right now... so 24 Hours (newspaper) and Twitter are going nuts! LOL

    I think Twilight and Eclipse were my favourites. I guess I need to read Midnight Sun now. And I thought the movie was enjoyable but I didn't really "get" the chemistry between Bella and Edward. They barely met, and then it was like "I can't live without you!"

  2. It's kind of funny. My boyfriend has seen Twilight and I haven't yet... When he slipped and told me he watched it the other weekend I was really surprised! He doesn't even really remember what happened in it. Tells you how exciting it was for him! I asked how come he didn't keep it so I could see it... He didn't think of it! Oh, well, I will see it eventually!

  3. It's nice to see someone else admit to being "bitten" by the bug...if not by a vampire, exactly. :)

  4. I've not seen the movie yet, but I've read Twilight more than 10 times. It's my comfort read.

  5. Monica - I can imagine! I've seen a few of the fan photos taken at some of the sets.
    As for Bella and Edward... Love at first sight? Irresistible attraction? LOL. I think the story works best if you just accept that part and go with the flow. ;)
    Twilight and Eclipse were my favourites too but I'm curious about the movie for New Moon. Sounds like it'll be a bit darker than the book.

    Kailana - There don't seem to be that many guy fans. It's much more of a girly story I think, what with the romance and all. :P

    mjmbecky - LOL. I figure there's no use trying to hide my addiction! :)

    Michelle - 10 times?! Wow! It is a great story to just get lost in for awhile and escape the everyday. So, have you read all 4 books over and over, or just Twilight?

  6. I guess when a book is so popular it becomes difficult for actors to fill their shoes. We all have an image of the characters on the page while reading Twilight, so perhaps seeing the actors is a surprise, not what we thougt.

    have a wonderful week-end Nat, hope the boys behave on mothers day ;)

  7. I have OCD too!! and I am far from being a teen but when I read these books and saw the movie I felt like a sixteen-year old girl in love for the first time all over again!!

  8. What a fun post! I just watched Twilight last month too although I forgot to blog about it. I loved it. Yes, the make up was bad, it seemed very low budget in some scenes but I didn't care. It was just fun. And, I even want to watch it gain so I guess I may be going through the Obsessive Cullen Disorder too1 haha... I still need to read the last book but I guess I'm sort of saving that.

  9. I'm boycotting. Even though you've watched it 2.5 times (really? 2.5 times?) :) I just can't get used to Robert Pattinson as Edward. Even though I'll admit he does look a little appealing in the middle shot of your post.

    Oh man...I already feel myself starting to cave. *SIGH*


  10. Madeleine - I think that's very true that it can be hard to cast a movie from a popular book. And everyone has a slightly different image of the characters from reading it so it's impossible to please everyone.

    The boys haven't been too bad lately, but they sure are shedding! I can vacuum and 5 minutes later it seems like there is hair everywhere again! The joys of spring! ;)

    Staci - I know!! LOL. Oh well I guess there are worse things than feeling like a teenager again! ;)

    Iliana - It seems like it was pretty low budget but they're pouring lots more money into New Moon. I'm really looking forward to seeing it! I agree though that Twilight was fun regardless and I know I'll be watching it again!

    Trish - Yup, I really have watched it 2.5 times, and have had to refrain myself from watching it again! I wasn't sure about Robert Pattinson as Edward before either but he's taken over the role now. I'll be curious to know what you think if you do give in and watch it. :)

  11. When I was out of town this weekend I called hubby to check in and see what he was up to. Said he picked up a few movies--muttered Twilight under his breath. :) I knew it would be HIM who caved first. Ha! I'm guessing we'll watch it tonight.

  12. Trish - LOL. That's funny that it was your husband you caved first. So, what did you think? :)

  13. Haha! Love hate. :) Made me want to continue with the series, though. Hopefully the next movie will have a better budget and be less...cheesy.

  14. Trish - Just noticed my typo above, that should've been "who caved first". Anyway, glad you kinda liked it. I agree it's not perfect and quite cheesy but I still love it! The second movie seems to have a way bigger budget so I'm hoping it'll be even better!


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