Friday, June 26, 2009


Bailey enjoying the rare occurrence of almost empty bookshelves pre-move.

I'm back, did you miss me? Cause I sure missed you! After a small confusion that delayed our installation for a few days, we've finally got our internet connection set up at our new place. It was kind of unsettling to be without it for the last couple of weeks, not that we haven't had lots to do in the meantime, and thankfully there are always books to amuse instead.

A few random observations about our move...

Packing always takes longer than you think it will.
Unless I'm just bad at time management, which is very likely. Unpacking and figuring out where to put everything is also taking longer than expected. We still have lots of boxes to deal with, so it's a bit of an obstacle course in here, but I am making progress. My poor books are still stuck in their boxes since I've been trying to make the rest of the place liveable first.

People have different standards of clean.
Whoever lived in this apartment before us liked frying things. A lot. It took me 3 days to clean the layer of grease covering practically every surface, nook and cranny. Yuck!!

Nature is wonderful.
One of the things I complained about the most about our old neighbourhood was the lack of green. Our new apartment is somewhat old and run-down (but the price was right and they allow pets), the trains are less frequent here, and I can't just walk to the supermarket in under 10 min. anymore (now the nearest one is about a 25 min. walk - I haven't ridden a bike in years but think I'll be getting one soon. Hope what they say is true about never forgetting...) but it's so nice to see trees outside our window instead of a dusty factory. I love that there are even some small fields right next door! We may now be living in the "countryside" of Tokyo, said derogatorily by true Tokyoites, but we're enjoying the slightly slower pace and can't wait to explore some of the many parks in this area.

Pets make one's life more difficult interesting.
The boys have adjusted to their new home quite well but getting them here was a bit of an adventure. We'd left them with the vet for a few days during the worst of the packing chaos and for moving day. Then we rented a car to go pick them up and bring them here. It took almost 2 hours to drive back and Jiro meowed loudly and constantly for pretty much the first hour until he finally calmed down. Bailey on the other hand, apparently couldn't hold it and with about half an hour to go he peed in his cage making for a very stinky car! Ah the joys of living with furkids, I say as both of them are curled up on the bed with me, looking rather adorable. I suppose they're worth the trouble they cause. :)

It's going to take me awhile to catch up with everyone, especially as I still have unpacking to do and have started back to teaching already, albeit part-time, but I'm very glad to be back online! I hope you're all well, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been reading.


  1. Welcome back! I DID miss you :o)
    Glad to hear you now have a view of green things. Bailey looks pretty content there on the empty shelf space.

  2. Sounds like quite the adventure!! Enjoy the settling in process and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what's going on in Japan, your life, and what you're reading!!

  3. Very glad to see you online again, Tanabata!

    I know how stressful moving can be. Hope you settle in soon.

  4. Hooray that major part of the move is finished. Clothespin on nose thinking about the 2 hr. ride home from the vet's.

  5. Yay!! You're back! Of course we missed you. So glad it's all going well. I don't know which is worse - packing or unpacking. I always tend to walk around a new home, carrying a single object in my hands, wondering where its new home will be. It takes a long time for everything to find it's new place.

    I can't wait to see photos of your new neighborhood! How wonderful that you have trees and fields close by. Have fun settling it, Nat!

  6. Glad to see you survived your move Tanabata. I moved about six months ago, and it was one of the few times I've regretted owning so many books!

  7. It's so good to have you back, Nat! Thanks for the reminder about packing taking longer than you think it will. My mother-in-law suggested my husband and I start collecting boxes now for all my books--even though our move isn't for another 2 to 3 years--and even that is tentative, depending on how quickly the city is able to get approvals for their projects and whether they still have the money to fund it. I wish they'd just tell us for sure so we don't have to be in this "wait and see" phase. The not knowing is the worst.

    I am glad the cats have adjusted to their new home, even if the travel was a bit of a challenge. :-)

  8. Glad the move is going well. Enjoy seeing more of the countryside!

  9. Welcome back! I am glad to hear you are starting to get settled. :)

  10. Oh no--cat pee is the worst!! Poor baby.

    Glad the move is going well--I did miss you! :) And I'm with you on the cleaning bit. The first thing I do when I move--before I unpack--is to do a total scrubdown of the house. I'm the always the cleanest person, but there's just something about being in someone else's dirt...ick!

  11. Hi Nat :))))

    I am so glad you are back and somewhat settled. I's nice to see green. You seem happy in your new abode.

    Lots of happiness to both of you in your new place

  12. I did miss you! It's true, everything in a move takes longer than expected. I still have some boxes to unpack, but I'm going to wait until the semester is over. I'm glad the furkids are settling in okay, despite the interesting car ride there :P I love that picture of Bailey.

  13. So good to see you back! I hope you enjoy settling in to your new place and discovering all the new things around you.

    By the way, I got my book this weekend. Thank you so much! :)

  14. I missed you and your great comments. Bailey is beautiful. Things will settle down to a normal routine after a couple months. Nice to see your reviews again. Take care.

  15. Terri B. - Thank you! Yes the boys have quite enjoyed checking out the never before seen empty bookshelves! :P

    Staci - I think moving is always an adventure, but it was the first time we've moved with the boys and it was certainly a new experience.

    1morechapter - Thanks! I haven't had time to really visit anyone yet but it's very nice to be back online.

    Booklogged - Luckily he only peed near the end of the trip, but boy was I wishing we could hurry up!

    Les - Aw, thanks! We're enjoying our new surroundings and the boys are quite fascinated to watch out the window - quite a few more birds flying around!
    It sure does take a while to unpack and figure out where everything will go, but it is kind of fun too. :)

    Sarah - If only books weren't so darn heavy!! But I'm looking forward to unpacking them and putting them all on the shelves again.

    Wendy - Thank you, it's very good to be back, even though I haven't had much time to spend online yet.

    The boys have adjusted really well. In the past, Bailey seemed very sensitive to change and sometimes would act out if anything was altered or moved, but he's been really good. Jiro's always easy-going; he's such a goofy, curious cat!

    Even if you don't start packing, you can always start sorting through stuff and getting rid of the things you don't really need anymore. I'm bad about hanging onto things thinking I might just need them someday, but then I never do. Instead we just end up with too much stuff! I really need to try and simplify our life a bit, except for my books of course. Can't live without those! :P

    mariel - We're looking forward to doing just that! :)

  16. Kailana - Thanks! It's starting to feel a little bit like home. :)

    Trish - What is it about cat pee that is so pungent?! LOL.

    I totally know what you mean. It's one thing to put up with your own mess, but someone else's ... no thank you!

    Sylvie - Thank you! The apartment's not perfect but it's so very nice to be able to see green here. Now if only there was a lake, I'd be perfectly content! :P

    Nymeth - Thanks. Some days we're occasionally tempted to just leave the boxes where they are, but the feeling doesn't last too long. Besides most of the boxes that are left now are my books, and that would never do! LOL.

    Stephanie - Thanks, it's good to be back!

    Iliana - Thanks! We're definitely looking forward to exploring this part of Tokyo and hopefully finding some nice places.
    And you're very welcome! I'm glad to hear that the book arrived safely. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it once you get around to reading it.

    Sandra - I know it'll take a little while yet but I am very much looking forward to having some kind of routine again before too long.
    And thanks on behalf of Bailey. He has his moments and can be quite handsome when he's not being naughty!


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