Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: Sharing the Love

The first day of BBAW, Monday September 14th, we encourage you to write a post thanking and spotlighting your favorite blogs that didn’t make the shortlists.

It's impossible to list all of my favourite blogs, but here are just a few of them.

Best General Review Blog
bookgirl's nightstand - Iliana reads a variety of fiction, and whether it's historical fiction, mysteries, contemporary fiction, or you get the idea, I've written down countless titles after hearing about them on her blog.

Musings of a Bookish Kitty - In addition to her great reviews, she has been, and remains, one of my biggest blogging inspirations. I know I've certainly stolen borrowed several of her ideas, and I admire the rapport, and loyalty, she's established with her readers.

Best Literary Fiction Review Blog
kiss a cloud - Claire reads such a great selection of books and isn't afraid to tackle the weighty ones, ones that I'd like to read but that tend to send me cowering in the corner. She also has a beautiful site that is truly a joy to visit.

Lotus Reads - Lotus reads some fabulous international literature, and often introduces books that I hadn't heard of before. She doesn't post as regularly as she used to but every time she does I'm pretty much guaranteed to add another book to my wish list.

Best Cultural Review Blog
Color Online - I'm new to this blog, having just discovered it through BBAW, but I'm surprised it wasn't shortlisted for this category, and I'll definitely be back.

Best Reviews
Absorbed in Words - I only discovered this blog recently, thanks to the Japanese Literature Challenge, but Mark David is passionate about reading and writes wonderful, thoughtful reviews.

Best Challenge Host
Dolce Bellezza - It's thanks to her incredible enthusiasm about Japanese Literature that the challenge keeps growing each year, not to mention her generosity. She also makes fantastic origami!

Most Chatty
Bookfoolery and Babble - Chatting about what's going on in her life is an essential part of Nancy's posts and I love them for it. We often have different taste in books, but I still want to read every post for her witty, amusing take on the world around her. Plus she's also a fabulous photographer!

The Written World - Kailana is so friendly and chatty, she makes everyone feel welcome, and she reads a crazy amount of books, so it's always fun to see what she's been up to.

I could go on but I'm going to stop there.  I love a lot of blogs (you should see the state of my Google Reader), and while I've been rather remiss about visiting, or commenting when I do visit, these last few months, I hope you know that even though I can't list everyone here today, I appreciate you all. Thank you for sharing your love of books, your lives, and everything else with us, the book blogging community is a much better place because of each and every one of you.


  1. You're quite right about some of the blogs you've mentioned up there. Mark David's reviews are definitely something to look forward to, and Claire of kiss a cloud has such beautiful photos of the books she's read.

    And of course, Bellezza has the best challenge ever! Thanks to her, I've discovered your blog, which has given me quite a bit to chew on, and a substantial amount of books I now want to read and own. =)

    I don't leave comments around here much, but just thought I'd let you know, in the spirit of BBAW, that you and your blog are very appreciated. =)

  2. Wow, I feel really special being included in the same category as Bookfool! :) Thanks for the mention!

    I love your blog, too! Happy BBAW!

  3. thanks for all the blogs! They look great; a few I've found before, but many I have not!

  4. Great list, Nat! I see some of my very favorites, and lots of new-to-me blogs I want to explore!

  5. Most of the blogs on your list are new-to-me; I like the short descriptions you've written, of why they're each special to you.

    Enjoy the BBAW festivities!

  6. Thank you so much, tanabata! It's such an honour and I'm very pleasantly surprised. I so love your blog, too! The best thing about it is that you read a wonderful selection of titles, ones that I'm also interested in. And I love your Japanese theme.. it's refreshing. :)

  7. You are so sweet! Thank you so much. Really made my day you know :)

    And, I know quite a few of your favorites but must discover some others!

  8. Great list! I'm glad most of them are already on my GR. Now I need to check out the others. ;)

  9. FYI, the link for "Absorbed in Words" is incorrect. It links to Color Online.

  10. Thank you for your kind words. It's big deal being complimented by you because you have an amazing blog. I am glad you were shortlisted. You were my first pick of the shortlist and I think it's acceptable to say what I think is a quality blog.

    I look forward to spending more time here and getting to know you better.

  11. Aww, thanks Nat. I love your blog, too (and you, of course!!!). Thanks for mentioning me! And, thank you to Kelly for the sweet comment! I'm going to have to bookmark this to check out those that are new to me 'cause it's rumbling outside. I can't wait to visit your favorites.

  12. I agree that it is impossible to pick favorites or to even highlight just a few and do your reader justice. You've got a great list of blogs here--some of my own regular hauntings. Hope you're having a great week, Tanabata. And whatever happens with the short-lists, I wanted to let you know that you had my vote. :)

  13. Oh, Nat! I would give you a big hug if we were in the same room. Thank you so much! You truly are an inspiration to me as well. I stole your blog template after all (yours and Florinda's). ;-) You've introduced me to so many wonderful books. I'm the one who should be appreciating you.

    I'm a huge fan of several of the other bloggers you mention as well. A couple are completely new to me--but won't be for long.

  14. Excellent choices, Nat! I agree with all of them. I miss hearing from Lotus more often, but it always makes me so happy when a post of hers pops up in my reader.

  15. Oh, I'm certainly flattered that you mentioned by blog, especially amongst such notable blogs. I'm not yet familiar with some of these on the list but I'm sure they're all wonderful and so I'll definitely be visiting them. I, of course, am happy about my own writings but being mentioned like this really makes an enjoyable process even more worthwhile. My sincere thanks to you :)

    I recently finished reading The Old Capital but have not yet started writing my review, simply because I feel I'm not yet in the right mood to write about something so beautiful. I tend to get that feeling after reading something that really touched me. But I will write and post my thoughts soon, hopefully over the weekend.

    I hope you're having a great week! :)

  16. Michelle - Well, thank you! I'm guilty of not leaving many comments either too sometimes, but your kind words really made my day!

    Kailana - You're welcome! :)

    Rebecca - I hope you discover some good ones.

    Andi - It has been fun seeing everyone's lists and finding new blogs to love.

    Dawn - My Google Reader is groaning after adding so many new blogs this past week.

    claire - Aww, you're too kind! I know I haven't been commenting very much but I do really love stopping by your blog. :)

    Iliana - I'm glad I made your day, but everything I said is true, you know. You're very bad for my wish list! :)

    Melody - LOL. I know what you mean, I was kind of happy to see lists of blogs already in my reader too but of course I've still added many more.

    M (@seldomyes) - Thanks for letting me know, it's been corrected.

    Color Online - Aww, thank you! Your comment inspires me to keep trying to improve.

    Nancy - You're welcome. :)

    Trish - It's really hard to choose just a few bloggers to highlight when there are so many wonderful ones out there. And thank you, it means so much to me that people would vote for me and my little ol' blog. :)

    Wendy - We'll just have to mutually appreciate each other! I would absolutely love to meet up and chat books with you -- maybe someday! :)

    Nymeth - I wish she would post more often too, but I'm glad she still does when she can.

    Mark David - You're very welcome! I love how much thought and care you put into writing your reviews. I look forward to reading your thoughts on The Old Capital.


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