Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updated schedule for the 'I Am a Cat' Read-along

I hope this won't inconvenience anyone but after some discussion, and in an attempt to let more people join in, I've decided to go with the more leisurely reading of I Am a Cat.  We all have enough deadlines and pressures in our everyday lives without adding the books we're supposedly reading for pleasure into the mix. I Am a Cat was originally published serially so I don't think our enjoyment of the story as a whole should be affected by reading it slowly, sections at a time. That said though, please feel free to read ahead if you prefer.

The updated schedule is as follows: 
Volume One - November 15th
Volume Two - December 15th
Volume Three - January 15th

And just to clarify, those dates are a guideline of when each section should be read by, but they are simply a guideline.  I'll post an update on those dates here where we can discuss our thoughts but it's entirely up to you whether you post about each volume on your own blogs or not.  And like I said above, don't feel obligated to stick to the schedule.  The main objective in setting up these group readings is to have fun reading and discovering Japanese literature together.  I'm always open to suggestions so don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like to see something done differently.  We're just starting out so it may take a little while to find our rhythm but I hope we'll be able to have some interesting discussions along the way.  Thanks for your support!


  1. Thanks, this schedule is much better for me!

  2. Fabulous! I'm looking forward to starting it and reading along.

  3. Great!! So if I start late I can still join in? I'll be joining in now, definitely. THanks!

  4. Hi Tanabata! I'd love to do this too. I have the book for a while and it's about time I get down to it. :)

  5. gnoegnoe - Yay, I'm glad you'll be able to join in now.

    Paperback Reader - Me too! It's been on my shelf for ages so the read-along is the perfect motivation to finally read it.

    claire - Absolutely! Join in whenever you can. I'm glad this schedule works out better for you.

    Alice Teh - Glad you'll be joining us. My copy has been sitting on the shelf neglected for quite a long time so it's time I get down to it too! :)


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