Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hello Japan! November round-up


There were a couple of late additions for the October mini-challenge (to read or watch something scary, spooky or suspenseful), that I thought I'd mention here in case you missed them.

Velvet of vvb32 reads continued her watching of the movie Kwaidan, with the last two stories which included Hoichi, the Earless, and In a Cup of Tea.
Travis at Over a Hedge wrote about the movie Kwaidan's Hidden Depths.
Lynda of Lynda's Book Blog read Real World by Natsuo Kirino.
Harry at Temple Library Reviews read the manga, School Mermaid.

You are always welcome to add your related links for each month even if you're a bit late. You won't be eligible for the prize if it's already been handed out, but we'd still love to know what you did.

* * *

OK, on to November's task which was to eat Japanese food, take a picture if possible, and tell us about what you ate. But before I get to the links, I'd like to mention a great blog post, So Much to Eat, So Little Time, that was brought to my attention via the author, Wendy Tokunaga (@Wendy_Tokunaga) on Twitter, because Japanese food really is so much more than just raw fish!

So here's what you ate in November:

Velvet of vvb32reads tried some Japanese sweets to which she had to say "Yummy-ness all-around." And for fun she created a virtual bento.

arkonite of My Bento Box regularly eats Japanese food and shared photos of a couple of her bento lunches, the Japanese food in her cupboard, and her Japanese cookbooks.

Novroz of had some ramen, and talked about her previous experience trying Japanese style curry rice for the first time.

Kristen M. of We Be Reading went with her family to her favourite Japanese restaurant where between them they had sushi, gyoza, and tempura.

Sakura of chasing bawa celebrated her birthday with sukiyaki, the perfect dish to eat in winter when it's cold outside.

Lynda of Lynda's Book Blog reviewed the cookbook, A Little Taste of Japan.

Kate of Read This Book! shared several photos of her Japanese meal, and came up with a list of 5 reasons why you should eat Japanese food.

Tineke Schaap at mylifeshesaid tells us about her discovery of Japanese food.

Natakiya of Bento Anarchy decided to try something different and made herself a Japanese breakfast bento.

Gnoe of Graasland made a very pretty bento and talked about some of her Japanese food experiences and failed cooking attempts. :)

Terri B. at Tip of the Iceberg went to a favourite local restaurant with her husband and enjoyed a great meal.

And me, well... I posted about a Japanese sweet, karinto. But I had a few more posts planned about everyday Japanese food, and even took some photos, but somehow the month completely got away from me. I will still post them though over the next little while so I hope you'll keep an eye out for them. I know a couple others of you also complained that you ran out of time for November's mini-challenge, and I'd really love to see what you were planning. So please go ahead and post, and I'll add the links to the next round-up.

Photobucket Photobucket

As for the prize, chosen randomly from those that participated in November, the chopsticks and chopstick rests go to Tineke Schaap!
(Please give me your mailing address so I can get those in the post for you.)

Thank you everyone for playing along. Coming soon, the Hello Japan! December mini-challenge...

And also just to let you know that I've started a separate Twitter account for Hello Japan! Please follow @HelloJpn for updates.


  1. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for including my post "So Much to Eat, So Little Time" in your food roundup.
    You just got yourself a new regular reader, because I'm bookmarking your blog - it's great! :)

  2. Tineke, you lucky grrl!!! So close, the present coming to Holland ;)

    (Gnoe thinking: Maybe I can intercet the present at the border... ;)

  3. Annal - You're welcome! It was a great post. I also get frustrated at people who think that Japanese food is only raw fish, when it's so much more than that. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

    Gnoe - Well, I mailed it last Friday using Air Mail, if that helps your calculations! ;)


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