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Schedule change for 'Silence' by Shusaku Endo (JLit Book Group)

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I realise this is rather short notice but please note that the Japanese Literature Book Group schedule has changed. Originally we were to begin the discussion of Silence by Shusaku Endo next Monday, the 10th of May. I'm a bit swamped this month though, and knew I would have to rush through the book, so when I mentioned in passing, on my Sunday Salon: New York, New York post, the possibility of pushing the discussion date for Silence to June, the only correspondence I received was in favour of moving the date. So, in keeping with the usual JLit Book Group scheduling of the last Monday of the month, the new discussion date for Silence by Shusaku Endo will be June 28th. I do apologise for any inconvenience. However, I hope that this delay will allow more people to participate, and if you were previously undecided, here is a short blurb to perhaps entice you to read along with us. It should prove to be an interesting read, and an interesting discussion. I hope you'll join us!

From the back cover:
Shusaku Endo is Japan's foremost novelist, and Silence is generally regarded to be his masterpiece.  In a perfect fusion of treatment and theme, this powerful novel tells the story of a seventeenth-century Portuguese priest in Japan at the height of the fearful persecution of the small Christian community. 
And a few reviews:
(click on the links to read the full reviews)

RobAroundBooks: A remarkably eloquent and sympathetically penned novel which not only recounts a brutal period in Japan’s history, but also gives a voice to the thousands who paid the ultimate price for their Christian beliefs. If you only read one novel this year then please make it Silence.

Polishing Mud Balls: Silence is a story of love, misery, faithfulness, pain, questioning, doubting, courage, redemption, and despair while at the same time challenging. [...] Silence is a powerful story.

My Friend Amy: A lot of times when listening to a moving or beautiful song, I get goosebumps. I can't recall a book giving me the goosebumps before.  This book gave me goosebumps.

Also, Martin Scorsese has apparently signed on to make a film based on the book. At the moment it is not expected to be released until 2013, but you know you want to read the book before seeing the movie!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my review.

    I loved this story. If someone where to ask which books they must read at some point in their life, Silence would be one of the books I would name. It is on my "Must Read" list.

    Even though I already read this book, I am really looking forward to this book discussion. I think it is a good idea that you recognize you are swamped and need a bit more time for this book, you will not regret pushing this discussion back a month (I don't think so...).

  2. Thanks, I'm happy with that!

  3. I'm quite relieved as I haven't had time to read this yet. I do have a request from the library, though, so I may read it when it comes in, which will be before June!

  4. Hi, Inspringthedawn,

    I "studied" "Scilence" in High School Japanese Class. We had to write a report on this very famous novel. I don't remember what I wrote, but I remember there are so many different reviews on this book from my classmates. Yes I read this book at that time in Japanese.

    I think it is "admitted" by Catholic church in Japan now, but when this was first published, Shusaku Endo was condemned by some Catholic church members. If you read this book, maybe you would know why.

    I think I have an English copy somewhere so I might try to read in English this time.

    Schedule for this book or any other book (like Pillow Book) can wait. Actually I have been wondering how could you find time to write so many good reviews on so many different books and replying to comments. Please take your time. Please don't make this nice blog a burden for you.


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