Monday, June 14, 2010

NYC: Central Park

Central Park

Of the few famous sightseeing spots we visited in New York, Central Park was my favourite. TV shows and movies always seem to focus on the dangerous side of Central Park so it was nice to discover just what a lovely refuge the park is! I'd love to see it in autumn.

Central Park dogwood

The day we went it was cloudy but comfortable. This was the Sunday, before the extreme heat mid week. We had intended to walk through the park to The Met but we were enjoying our leisurely stroll too much and didn't feel like being cooped up indoors. Oh well, maybe if we go again, we'll be more cultured.

Central Park Strawberry Fields plaque

Attracted to anything literary, I of course had to stop and see the Hans Christian Andersen statue that looks out over the pond in the first picture.

Central Park Hans Christian Andersen statue

I loved that there were actually words engraved into the book on the statue. How appropriate for Hans to be reading The Ugly Duckling.

Central Park Hans Christian Andersen statue

What's your favourite place in New York?


The small print:  Photos were taken by me and are copyright. Don't steal! It's bad karma. 


  1. Beautiful pics! I've never been to NYC so I had no idea this Andersen statue was in the park. So neat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous! I love Central Park. I wish I'd been able to get up there this time.

  3. I wish I would have had time for Central Park. It looks beautiful.

  4. Hmm, I've never seen that statue! Strange!

    One of my favorite places in NY is some neighborhood gardens on 9th St and Ave C. They remind me of the gardens in Harriet the Spy, movie version. I'd post a picture for you if I could.

  5. John Lennon's memorial :-)

    BTW...I got a little something in the mail the other day...that Shiba magazine is SO amazing!!! Thank you so much :-)

  6. Central park is so large I'm not surprised I've never seen the Strawberry Fields plaque or the statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

    I've only been to NYC in the summer and the winter but I'm guessing it's absolutely gorgeous as the leaves change colors. Maybe one day...

  7. Great pics. I loved the park and visiting the Natural History Museum when I lived on the east coast.

  8. I would love to take a jog in Central Park someday. Have you seen the movie Enchanted? It showed the lovely side of the park :)


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