Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cat + Haiku = Catku

My day: first a nap
Then a leisurely dinner
Followed by sleeping

PhotobucketHaiku and page design © Catku: What is the Sound of One Cat Napping? by Pat Welch.
A very cute little book, perfect for any cat-loving Japanophile!
Photo taken by me of our cat, Bailey.

The small print:  This book was purchased by me for my personal library.  Links in this post to Amazon contain my Associates ID.  Purchases made via these links earn me a very small commission.  For more information please visit my About Page.


  1. Awww I love the look of this book! Definitely going on my wish list :)

  2. I'm not really an animal person but I love the haiku you shared. I think I need to add this to my TBR list! :-)

  3. As a recent cat convert (okay, two years ago), I want this book! Thanks for telling about it, I love what you've shared along with your photographs.

    Have you heard of the book Dogku? We use it to teach haiku to the third graders, and it's similar to your book although, of course, about dogs.

    I think I like this cat book better. :)

  4. Love these catkus! Bailey is gorgeous--I'd be pretty tempted to rest my head right on that tummy to snuggle.


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