Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"How reluctantly..."

pink peony

How reluctantly
the bee emerges from deep
within the peony

As translated by Sam Hamill in The Sound of Water: Haiku by Bashō, Buson, Issa, and Other Poets.  To read some of Bashō's haiku online, visit A Selection of Matsuo Bashō's Haiku.  For more information, visit the Wikipedia page on Matsuo Bashō.

Do you have a favourite haiku?
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  1. Hmm, From "the Essential Haiku (Edited by Robert Hass)", there is this one by Basho:

    A bee
    staggers out
    of the peony

    I wonder if this is a different version of the one you mention -- that is, are they two different versions of the original Japanese. If so, I prefer the one you put up!

  2. Valerie - It very well could be a different translation of the same haiku. I would think it's pretty hard to translate while keeping both the original meaning and the poetry, and any subtleties of language. It was for a different haiku but I found a website that lists 31 different translations from the original Japanese of a single haiku!


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