Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Monday, what are you reading?

Well, since last week's check in on what I've been reading, I've finished one book, and am still working on another.

Last Friday on my commute home (good timing!) I finished reading the ebook, Heat Wave by Richard Castle. The writing wasn't anything amazing but it really was a lot of fun. On every single page I was picturing the characters from the TV show and there were lots of little comments and bits of dialogue here and there that made me chuckle. Now I can't wait to watch Season 2 of the show, as only Season 1 has aired so far on TV here in Japan. Especially since I hear the book makes an appearance!

I should have already finished The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima for the Japanese Literature Book Group discussion which was supposed to start today. But I'm not even half way into it yet. I'd hoped to have a nice reading day yesterday but sadly that didn't work out. If you are looking for the discussion post, I hope you won't mind a slight postponement. I'll have it up in the next couple of days or by Friday at the latest.

Last week I also mentioned Doctor Zhivago and how I hadn't got very far into it. Well, I haven't picked it up at all this past week and I think I'm just going to set it aside for now. I've heard some people are having problems with this new translation of it, but I do still want to give it a go at some point. Perhaps later on this winter when I don't have so much else on my plate and can devote some time to it.

So that's what I'm reading right now. Hopefully I can finish off the Mishima soon so I can dive into my December pile of books to read that also includes several that I didn't get to this month. There really are always too many books, and never enough time in which to read them all!

What are you reading this week?

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  1. What am I reading? 'Dead Man's Chest: A Phryne Fisher Mystery' (Poisoned Pen Press). 18th in Melbourne lawyer Kerry Greenwood's sublime series about the adventures of the Hon. Miss Phryne Fisher - a "confidential agent" in 1920, whose taste for the finer things in life (including the caresses of delectable men) and steely temperament is only exceeded by her ability to attract trouble. And a restful holiday at the fashionable resort of Queenscliff -- with her two adopted daughters, faithful mutt and companion Dot in tow -- proves to be no different. Delicious fun back by a sharp wit and a carefully researched (but lightly worn) 20's background.

  2. Heat Wave was such a fun book to read. You're right, it was really easy to visualize each of the characters. It was like reading an episode of the show. I can't wait to get Naked Heat :)

  3. Too many books, not enough time is always true. Happy reading! :)

  4. I can imagine that the Castle books are fun. I give them the eye every time I go to the books store. I enjoy the show, and I might try one some day.

  5. You'd think I'd take the opportunity afforded me by enforced rest and recovery to make a dent in my TBR pile. But, no. I decided that I have to re-read Ulysses. I've read it twice, but most of it went over my head, so this time I'm reading slowly and making use of the explanatory notes in the back of the book. I bought the ePub version of the OUP edition, but it doesn't have the notes in it. :( eBooks have been really handy lately; I find it easier to hold an eReader than a book at the moment.

    BTW, there are some seriously gorgeous book covers displayed on your site. Very tempting...

  6. I adore the cover of The Temple of the Golden Pavilion! Hope you get some good reading time in soon.... I cant wait to do the same! :)

  7. Heat Wave sounds interesting. Too bad about Doctor Zhivago. Hopefully you can get some time in this week to read. Have a great week!

  8. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion sounds interesting- anything to do with Kyoto's one?
    I'm hoping to finish The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn this week,

  9. Like you I'm not halfway The Temple of the Golden Pavilion yet, so it suits me fine that you're late with the discussionpost. ;) I'm glad I started it last week because I hardly read anything in the last couple of weeks! The last book I finished was The Pillow Book... Sounds familiar? LOL you're keeping me busy!


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