Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2011

After pondering it for awhile, and getting some encouraging feedback on twitter not too long ago when I threw it out there to gauge interest, and even getting Bellezza's blessing (Because you know I would never want to take away from her awesome Japanese Literature Challenge but I hope you'll agree that the two challenges can complement each other), I want to let you know that you can now sign up for the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2011.

There are some things I still need to add to it, but I have set up a dedicated blog for the challenge so we can have all things Murakami there in one place. It's a really relaxed, flexible challenge because those are the kind I like. There are a few levels of participation, the first level being to read just one book by Haruki Murakami in 2011. I know I can't wait to read 1Q84 when it finally comes out in English translation later next year, so if you're planning to do the same that would be enough to join in. We'll also most likely have an 1Q84 read-along but more information on that later. Of course cross-overs with other challenges are perfectly fine, and rereads are welcome, and even encouraged. Basically, I just hope you'll enjoy reading something by Haruki Murakami next year. Whether you're completely new to his writing, or already a fan wanting to spend more time in his surreal worlds, everyone is welcome to join. For all the details and to sign up, please go to the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2011 sign-up post.

For the purposes of the challenge and whichever level you sign up for, the book(s) should be read during next year. However, another thing I'd like to try to do with the Haruki Murakami challenge blog is to collect Murakami reviews from around the book blogosphere and have them all in one place for easy access. If this goes well, I've already started in motion a separate Japanese Literature Review Database for all JLit reviews but which could be quite the undertaking, so let's start with one author first on the Murakami challenge blog and see how it goes. So please also add your links to any of Haruki Murakami's books that you've already read and reviewed previously on the 'Submit a review' page, and I'll add them to their respective book pages once I add those in.

Note: Mr. Linky seem to be having some occasional hiccups at the moment so let me know if you have any problems and I can add you. Also, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Here's to hopefully a fun year of reading Murakami!


  1. I'm SO in for this Challenge. It may be the only other one I join, but I'm already excited. Also, I can't wait to read 1Q84 when it comes out. Hurray!!!

  2. I wasn't going to join any challenges, but this one is tempting! I'd love to join..

  3. I thought no one is going to make me join a reading challenge next year, and now this!

    It's just too tempting.. Thanks for hosting this tanabata! :D

  4. Count me in! Thanks for hosting this!


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