Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Persephone Secret Santa 2010

Last year I jumped at the chance to take part in the Persephone Secret Santa as it was the perfect excuse to finally give, and receive, one of these grey beauties that I'd been admiring from afar for a while. Because even though I knew of their existence before last Christmas, and secretly coveted them, I hadn't yet had the pleasure of ever holding one in my hands. Many thanks go to the lovely Karen of Book Bath for giving me my very first Persephone last December! The book she chose for me was Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski, which I read, and thoroughly enjoyed, during the Persephone Reading Week earlier this year. A Persephone fan was born. And since then I've also treated myself on a couple of occasions so my little stack has started to grow.

Persephone Books

I was thrilled when I heard that Claire would be hosting the Secret Santa this year and there was no doubt that I'd participate again. I always have such fun browsing the Persephone website and a year on, it was great fun choosing the very first Persephone for my Santee. A nice little bit of synchronicity, don't you think? I just hope I've managed to pick one that she'll love.

Of course I've also been quite eager to find out which book would soon be added to my small collection. I actually received the parcel a couple of weeks ago but decided not to open it... until today! And here's what was inside...

Persephone Book

Persephone Book No. 18, Every Eye by Isobel English

From the Persephone website:
Every Eye is one of her most successful and sensitively written books, a romantic yet unsentimental story of a young woman's intricate relationships of family and love, intensely evocative of the period, remarkable in its observations of place and character.

Thank you so much Teresa, for choosing this book for me. I can't wait to read it, and know just the time to do it. During February 25th-27th, when Claire and Verity will be hosting a Persephone Reading Weekend, of course! A big thanks also to Claire for organising this wonderful gift exchange.

Happy Grey Christmas!


  1. Every Eye was my Persephone Secret Santa gift from Jodie last year! It is a subtle novel that really creeps up on you; when I finished it I wanted to restart it to look out for what I had missed.

    Thank you so much for participating, Nat, and for doing for your Santa what Karen did for you last year.

  2. Enjoy your new treasure! It's fun seeing you all being so happy today :)

  3. Thank you so much! I think it might actually be a challenge to choose when any and all is the choice - but I'm sure you picked wisely. I'm very excited to try Dorothy Whipple. Happy Persephone Holidays!

  4. I have been seeing these posts all day, and I JUST NOW GOT IT! I thought everyone was getting the same grey book. And now I see that it is a collection.

  5. I do hope you enjoy this! I totally agree with what Claire said about it (I might have even phrased it similarly over on my blog.) I see you also have Hetty Dorval. I read both Hetty Dorval and Every Eye for Persephone week last year, and they go well together. Both involve relationships between a young woman and a influential older woman.

  6. My gift this year was Little Boy Lost, from Nymeth. I can't wait to read it! It's fun knowing that it's in your collection too, and that you loved it.

    I don't know Every Eye, but I look forward to reading your thoughts when you've read it. Did you see that Claire will be hosting another Persephone weekend February 25th? Maybe we'll get our books done then. Happy reading!

  7. I've got Every Eye on my TBR but haven't managed to read it yet:) Looking forward to it. Beautiful photos as always!

  8. I am unfamiliar with the Persephone books but now looking at them and reading your praises.... I want tone too! :)


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