Monday, April 11, 2011

cherry blossom viewing


It's now one month since the big earthquake and tsunami devastated the north east coastal areas of Japan. As if to emphasize this, there were several strong aftershocks close together this evening. The earth is still very restless, but we celebrate the arrival of the sakura.

Koganei Park

Sakura, cherry blossoms, are revered for their fragile beauty and are always a reminder of the transient nature of life. This year more so than ever. Yet it was nice to see so many people out yesterday enjoying the warm spring weather and the trees full of pink blossoms.

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  1. lovely pictures ,all the best stu

  2. Thank you for the nice picture of people enjoying themselves under the cherry trees in Tokyo area. Springtime in Japan is really nice, especially cherry blossom season. I don’ t think Cherry blossoms have been in full bloom in up north yet where the earthquake hit hard . I hope blossoms will bring some light to the people there who are still suffering.

  3. What beautiful sakura. I hope you are all safe and enjoying ohanami.

  4. The blossoms are blooming here, many of which were given to the Lower Mainland by our sister cities in Japan. It is lovely to see that photo of people enjoying the sakura, and thank you for the lengthy updates on you, H, the cats and the situation in Japan. My thoughts are with you and my other friends in Japan.


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