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Hello Japan! mini-challenge: March links

Hello Japan!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Hello Japan! mini-challenge for March. March was Manga Month and the task was to celebrate manga however you chose to. It was fun to read about everyone's manga adventures, and in some cases, reminiscences. Click on the links below to visit everyone's posts.

Rose of VersaillesNovroz of Polychrome Interest shared her thoughts on Rose of Versailles – The Most Beautiful Manga In The World. Novroz also shared her favourite Onna no Mangaka, female manga artists.

dhitzunako at across dhitz universe talks about Five Unique Moms in Mangas.

Sakura of chasing bawa tells us about two manga series, The Glass Mask and Godchild.

The Young 1 shares her thoughts on reading Naruto.

Judith at Leeswammes' Blog tells us what she did, and didn't, like about Detective Conan.

Uniflame of Uniflame Creates read Chi's Sweet Home, a manga which she recommends "to every cat lover out there."

litera of Litera-tour shares some of her manga firsts.

Chinoiseries at Always cooking up something tells us about watching Nodame Cantabile: the anime.

Owl59 talks a little about "The Star of Cottonland":
I grew up on Shojo Manga artists : Moto Hagio, Yumiko Oh-shima, Ryohoko Yamagishi, Keiko Takemiya who rejected the "limitations of traditional definitions of shojo manga" (Matt Thorn) (girls' manga). I wrote about Moto Hagio before. So here I would like to write about "The Star of Cottonland", the animation based on Yumiko Oshima's manga. (Manga is not available in English)

The protagonist is a little kitten who believes that she will grow up be a human someday. She eventually finds out that "kitten cannot be a human, kitten will be a cat" It is a story about finding your place in life. It is not a masterpiece like some of Hayao Miyazaki's works, but it is very poetic and philosophical: a little gem. I found a good review on line if you are interested:

I did manage to read a couple manga but haven't posted on them yet. However, as life is returning (kind of) to normal here, I hope to do so soon.

The prize for March Manga month was one volume of the manga of your choice. With a little help from, the winner is ... Uniflame. Congratulations! I'll be in touch to find out which manga you'd like to receive.

Stay tuned for details about the April Hello Japan! mini-challenge.

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  1. Congrats to Uniflame! Find yourself a nice new manga {I bet she already knows what she wants}.

    I really enjoyed trying out manga. I'm not convinced yet that it's for me, but it was a fun experience.

  2. Congratulations, Uniflame!:)

    Tanabata, I've noticed you've made a little mistake writing "the amine" instead of "the anime";)

  3. Wow! That is an awesome price! Thank you so much for hosting the challenge and I can't wait to read what you have in store next :)

  4. Judith - I wasn't sure manga was for me either but I'm starting to pick up a few that do interest me. Maybe one of them will appeal to you too.

    litera - Oops. Thank you for pointing that out. I've corrected it. :)

    Uniflame - You're very welcome and I hope you enjoy your prize. :)

    Novroz - Sorry you couldn't win too. ;)

  5. Owl59 here.

    Enjoyed reading everybody's comments.

    I am happy, as a Japanese, that so many people tried/enjoyed something Japanese.


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