Monday, May 30, 2011

BEA 2010: The Books

BEA 2010 Javits Center
BEA 2010, Javits Center, NYC. Entrance to the Exhibitor Hall.

In my Armchair BEA post on Friday, Bloggers and Blogging, I said how wonderful it was to meet other bloggers in New York last year during Book Expo America, but of course we were all there for the books as well.

I know many people took home double, triple, or even more, the amount of books I did, but I think I did pretty well to limit myself to 30. I did have to lug them all on the plane with me back to Japan after all. In the end I stowed several of the biggest, heaviest ones in H's suitcase, and somehow managed to get the rest in mine of which I'd brought two, an extra smaller one, on purpose. Along with the other shopping we did!

BEA 2010The main exhibitor floor at BEA was very crowded and hot. As it was my first time to go to anything like this, it was a little overwhelming. It really was quite an adventure. But I'd made a bit of a schedule beforehand to try and get some of the books I was most interested in. So I went to some of the author signings, and I also listened in on a couple of the Editors' Buzz panels, but I also spent a lot of the two days just wandering the floor, simply taking it all in. And doing so, happily stumbled upon some other authors and books. About half of the books that I ended up with, I had either heard of, or had hoped to pick up, and the rest were books I just happened across, or were included in the Book Blogger Con swag bag. Click on the photo to enlarge.

From the stack, the ones I was most excited to get were:
Love Begins in Winter by Simon Van Booy
The Widower's Tale by Julia Glass -- I loved Three Junes!
And these because there was so much buzz about them:
Room by Emma Donoghue -- Editors' Buzz Panel
Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
Matched by Ally Condie -- YA Editors' Buzz Panel
The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee -- The only non-fiction title I got, mentioned at the Editors' Buzz Panel.
The Passage by Justin Cronin

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that one year later, and I still haven't read any of them! Yes, you read that right! Probably not at all what the publishers were hoping for when they gave them out, but it's been such a weird year for me. I'm still looking forward to reading most of these though and hopefully will be able to do so before too long. Always the same story of too many books, never enough time! If only the publishing world would take a year off so I could attempt to catch up a little bit.

Have you read any of these?

It's also time to announce the winners of my Armchair BEA Giveaway for two of these books. I let do the hard work, and so without further ado:

Love Begins in Winter will go to Selena.
Room will go to Iris.

Congratulations to both of you! I'll be in touch very soon.

For everyone else, stay tuned for the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop coming up from June 25 - 29. Click on the link for all the info on how to sign up. And I have a feeling I'll be giving away some more books this summer too.

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  1. That is such a nice pile of books, and it's a real pity you haven't started them yet. In fact, I'm a little shocked. After all the trouble you went through to get them home, and then thinking that the publishers expect you to review them....

    Now, promise me your next book WILL be from that pile! :-)

  2. You have a great pile of books! The Passage is an excellent read. Happy reading!

  3. I read The Passage last summer and I would really recommend it. Especially since you'd be reading it after the hype has subsided.

  4. I've read Before I Fall, The Passage and, of course, Love Begins in Winter. I thought all three were excellent in totally different ways. You haven't read Simon's book, yet? And, you're giving it away? Horrors!

    That's a gorgeous pile, BTW, but I do know how easy it is to bring home a pile and then just file them away because there are so many other books demanding your attention. I've stopped requesting ARCs because I was only getting to a fraction of them and the guilt was driving me nuts.

  5. Judith - Sorry, my next book was an ebook from Netgalley since I feel much guiltier about the review books I fell behind on reading after the earthquake. I am a little disappointed that I haven't read any of the BEA books yet either, but I don't feel they have the same priority as books I've received specifically after having contact with a publisher or author. At BEA they're just giving them out left and right to anyone. Yes, I'm trying to justify myself. LOL.

    Vasilly - I know. I've heard such great things about The Passage. I really will read it one of these days/weeks/months... :P

    Ash - Yes, sometimes it is nice to read a book after the hype has died down. At this point, maybe I should wait until closer to the release of the next book? ;)

    Nancy - LOL. I should've explained. Although I haven't read Love Begins in Winter yet, I ended up with 2 copies (same for Room actually, the other book I gave away). I'd bought one based on how much I'd enjoyed Secret Lives... and then when I went to BEA I was able to get one signed by Simon. So I'm keeping the personalized one and gave away the one I'd bought. Satisfied?! Oh and I did mention you when I met him. :)

  6. Love Begins in Winter is one of my favorite reads of the past few years! I always heartily recommend it to my friends!

  7. olduvaireads - I thoroughly enjoyed his first collection of stories, The Secret Lives of People in Love, so I don't know why I haven't read Love Begins in Winter yet. I hope to rectify that next month.


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