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Hello Japan! August mini-challenge: Origami

Hello Japan!
Hello Japan! is a monthly mini-challenge focusing on Japanese literature and culture. Each month there is a new task which relates to some aspect of life in Japan. Anyone is welcome to join in any time. Everyone who completes the task will then be included in the drawing for that month's prize. For more information, just click on the Hello Japan! button above.

August's Topic

Origami (折り紙) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Beginning with a single square of paper, folded in a specific way, to create a miniature paper sculpture. One of the most recognizable origami patterns is, of course, the Japanese paper crane. Folding a thousand paper cranes is said to make a person's wish come true, and has also come to represent peace. But there are a wide variety of different shapes and designs, from simple boxes to intricate animals and everything in between.

Origami Cranes
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

August's Task

This month's task is to create some origami.
Try your hand at making your own paper cranes. Or origami bookmarks. Or anything you like. It doesn't matter if you've done it before or not. You could also get your kids/friends/partner/etc. to make something. And don't forget to take pictures to share with us what you've made.

Here are some links to get you started:
Origami for Japan
Origami on Wikipedia (with animated origami instructions)
British Origami Society
Origami blog

August's Prize

This month's prize is a set of 3 origami doll bookmarks, a kit to make your own, and a package of origami paper in traditional Japanese patterns.

You can complete this month's mini-challenge by writing a blog post, telling us about what you did, and adding a link to your post, or by simply leaving a comment with your answer(s) on this post. If you prefer, you can also email me at inspringthedawn AT gmail DOT com with your submission. You are welcome to post or comment more than once and add the relevant links below. I love it when you are enthusiastic about a topic! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Happy paper folding!

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  1. I will be doing my piece at the end of the month since Abunai is from the 26th till the 28th. I am planning to visit the origami workshop there. (I just hope I can find the time since I am actually one of the staff members of Abunai)

  2. The current rainy summer weather is perfect for an afternoon of origami!

  3. Yaii origami :)

    Will try to join as I have already missed several challenges

  4. Love the bookmarks - my friend from Japan gave me some just like it. Very, very handy!

  5. How come I am the only one joining this fun challenge? :(

  6. What a fun topic for August, Tanabata. You know how much I love origami!

    Just finished Thousand Cranes last night; so looking forward to the discussion beginning the 29th of August.

  7. There is a fantastic documentary about origami that I watched a few months ago called Between the Folds. It's a very cool film that takes a look at both the art and the science of origami. I highly recommend it!

    (More information available at

  8. Aah Origami! I made already a few blogs about what I made for a wedding couple and what I made as surprise for my members at a meeting. ^^ I love to make something original. But you know, my blogs are always in Dutch. (

    So that is making it difficult to join.

  9. Uniflame - I hope you'll have time too. :)

    Gnoe - Or stuck inside because it's too hot to go out. ;)

    samstillreading - They're very cute!

    Novroz - I don't know. :(

    Bellezza - So glad you joined in as yes, I do know how much you love origami. :)
    And I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Thousand Cranes!

    Ash - Thanks for the link, the documentary looks great!

    Francisca - You're welcome to enter a post in Dutch. You could always leave a short comment here in English explaining the post and include the link to your Dutch post. We'd love to have you join!

  10. I just put the blog online. Exciting!

    I have written about what I already have made before and that I have spent on year with origami. I am alwasy looking for new things and do not call myself a professional.

    I placed a tip, I use cheap folding paper to practice before I use the original origami paper. In september I have a few birthdays so I was already looking for original things to make that fits with the person. Till now I have no idea.

    And at last I made a few pictures about the origami pieces that I made last sunday. I made a paperclip holder, bookmark, a box for lucky paper stars and a box for punaises.

  11. I considered folding 1.000 cranes for Novroz (well, her mom really) but knew I would never be able to finish that job in a reasonable timespan -- like in less than 10 years. ;) And even if I could get others to join in, it would be one hell of a job.

    So, I backtracked to an idea I had earlier this year, thanks to the "Back to scholl" mission in April!


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