Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBAW: Reading and blogging, blogging and reading

Book bloggers blog because we love reading. Has book blogging changed the way you read? Have you discovered books you never would have apart from book blogging? How has book blogging affected your book acquisition habits? Have you made new connections with other readers because of book blogging? Choose any one of these topics and share your thoughts today!

The topic for Day 4 is all about the reason we blog in the first place, because of the books! I know for me, being able to share this love of reading with others is one of the best things about book blogging.

Has book blogging changed the way I read? Yes!
Have I discovered books I never would have otherwise? Yes!
Has book blogging affected my book acquisitions? Yes!
Have I made new connections with other readers because of book blogging? Yes!

I think the biggest change over the last couple of years has been the opportunity to work with a few publishers and authors. Before that, except for a handful of favourite authors, I tended to be mostly a paperback reader, waiting several months for the paperback release. But now, I sometimes get to read books even before they are published. It's exciting to read those new books and to be part of the buzz.

The downside is that it adds a certain amount of pressure to write a timely review, something I haven't been succeeding at this year, and I admit that knowing the publishers, or publicists, or authors are reading the reviews, sometimes gives me performance anxiety! lol. I kind of miss the days when I used to just read whatever I wanted and this is a direction that I think I'd like to take with my reading next year. Only accepting the books I really want to read, and spending more time reading all the poor, neglected books on my shelves. Because even though I've been getting some ARCs, I've still been buying. A lot. I lay the blame on all of you for introducing me to so many wonderful-sounding books and The Book Depository for making it so easy to buy them.

Books aside though, the best thing really has been connecting with other readers. Most of my friends and family in real life don't read a lot, so book blogging has been a great way to find others who share this obsession. In the age of the internet, it's no longer unusual to make friends online, and what is better than sharing a common interest, a love of books. Since starting to have more of a focus on Japanese literature on my blog here, this also extends to meeting people from around the world who share a fascination for all things Japanese. I love being able to see Japan through their eyes, as it sometimes give me a new perspective.

It's book blogger appreciation week, and I certainly appreciate how book blogging has become an important part of my life. Sure, I'd still have reading even if I didn't blog, but the two are inextricably linked now and I can't imagine it any other way.


  1. Yes the stress of deadlines can take some of the joy out can't it?

  2. The community is definitely the best part about blogging - and the biggest change for my reading habits. I was so used to reading in solitude and now I get to share and discuss with so many others! Wonderful.

  3. I really can't imagine it any other way either!

  4. I love that I have met so many people thanks to book blogging! I hope to be friends with them for many years to come!

  5. It sounds like we're in about the same place regarding review copies. I love getting them, but if I've connected with the provider in some way it's harder for me to review in some ways. And they've definitely been pulling me away from other books I might rather be reading. I'm hoping to make some changes after these next few busy months.

  6. Has book blogging changed my reading, Yes, It's added more depth, width height ect & made me realise that there are individuals as mad about books as myself, which was a major surprise to me.

  7. Community is the best part of blogging, meeting new bloggers, learning new tips and ideas. It's really a tight niche. I also enjoyed the BBAW. I participated as well. Didn't get a chance to visit your blog during the BBAW week. But just wanted to stop by and say hello. NEW FOLLOWER.

  8. And as an author, may I add that you meet some of the most generous readers in the blogosphere.... They're open-minded and tolerant!

  9. ARCs can be a pain, but I'm currently happy to have received a few :) I think your attitude towards them depends on how far behind you are with other things...


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