Saturday, October 15, 2011

Across the sea and back again

East Sooke Park
East Sooke Park, September 2011

So sorry for my long absence here. If you wondered where I disappeared to over the last while, a combination of illness and travel is what has kept me away from the blog for about a month. (I swear, where does the time go?) I was struck down by a nasty flu halfway through Book Blogger Appreciation Week (which made me sad that I couldn't participate fully), and then came my annual trip "home" to Victoria. I hadn't quite got over the flu by then and it decided to follow me to Canada where it turned into a lung infection. So fun! (Not really!) But even though I was a bit under the weather the whole time I was there, I still had a great time visiting with friends and family, some of which I hadn't seen for a few years! Now I'm back in Japan, mostly over the jetlag (and the lung infection), and getting back in the swing of things.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop (October 15 to 19)

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop October 2011

It's time for another Literary Giveaway Blog Hop! The one held in June was a big success so when Judith suggested a fall version, I knew I had to join in again. Since we'll be moving soon, I'm offering some books that have been in my giveaway box for a while. Better to send them to new homes than take them with me, right?