Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Year Later: Remembering 3/11

Japan Tsunami
Image credit: Reuters/Kyodo

I don't really have anything eloquent to say, but I wanted to recognize here, on the blog, the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that changed so many people's lives last year. I'll never forget where I was, or what I was doing, one year ago at exactly 2:46 pm on March 11th, 2011, and even though we have now left Japan and moved to the US, my thoughts, especially today, are of Japan. Of the terrible loss. There are so very many sad stories. Of the devastation. Of the fear. Of the slow recovery efforts, and the rebuilding that will take many years to come. But also of hope for a better future.

(Sorry, the video of the documentary is no longer available. Hope you got a chance to see it!)

More photos of then and now from the BBC. Amazing!

JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) has continued to provide care to hundreds of animals stranded by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. As you can imagine, this involves a lot of resources and if you feel so inclined, they could certainly still use a little help.

I have mentioned them before too, but these story anthologies are also no less relevant now, one year on.

Kizuna: Fiction for Japan - A Twitter-sourced charity book about how the Japanese Earthquake at 2:46 on March 11 2011 affected us all. Raising money for the Japan Red Cross.

Write for Tohoku

Plus a new anthology I just found out about, that looks pretty cool.

Fables for Japan Fables for Japan


P.S. We're settling into our new home here in San Diego, and I'll be back to blogging soon.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Nat!;*

  2. Wonderful Post with some great links, I also felt the need to at least mark the occasion on my blog, which I did with the Haiku I wrote a year ago in support of this nations people.

  3. Hi Nat, so nice to see you posting even so it is a sad day for so many in Japan.

    I hope you like your new home, I imagine the change must be great.

    A very nice Sunday to you Nat :))

  4. It's hard to believe it's already been a year. I have heard so many wonderful stories of people helping each other and I hope this continues.

  5. It's good to hear from you, even though it's upon a sad occasion. Thank you for the additional book recommendations. I read "2:46: aftershocks" in January and thought it was amazing.

  6. Thanks for this post, and for that lovely BBC video. It's now been removed thanks to copyright issues, but fortunately I had a chance to watch it before Big Business and Fat Profits interfered.

    Last Sunday was a quiet day in Tokyo: even the usually frantic Shinjuku seemed more subdued.

    I remember the shock and sorrow of last March so well, but ... we continue. Soon it will be hanami season again.

    I'm looking forward to further posts from you!

  7. litera - I didn't really know what to say, but I did want to recognize the anniversary. Hope you're well! :)

    Parrish - I thought your haiku was wonderful! Thank you!

    Madeleine - Thanks! It has certainly been an adjustment after so many years in Japan, but we're starting to feel more settled in. Hope all is well with you.

    Thanks Vasilly! :)

    Sakura - It really is hard to believe it has already been a year! I hope everyone continues to work together, too. There is still a lot to overcome.

    Teresa - Aftershocks really is a touching read. Hope you enjoy the others. I actually haven't read the others yet fully, cover to cover, but hope to do so soon.

    Rurousha - It's too bad about the video, but not surprising, I suppose. I didn't see the whole thing but was happy to have seen at least some of it. Glad you got to!

    It's hard to believe a year has passed already since that terrible day. But yes, hanami season soon. Always such a beautiful time in Japan! I have to say I will really miss all the cherry blossoms this year.

  8. Wow, those were really something. What on earth did they do with all that rubble?

    Are you going to be back to blogging regularly, soon, Nat?

  9. Nancy - I think they're still trying to figure out where to put all the rubble. I saw an article earlier this year that said they've only cleared about 5% of it so far. Huge huge undertaking. And although it's a couple weeks after your comment, I think I'm finally starting to get back to blogging. :)


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