JLit Book Group

Japanese Literature Book Group

The Japanese Literature Book Group is a casual reading group focusing on Japanese literature. The idea behind the group is simply to enjoy reading, or discovering, some of the beauty of Japanese literature, and to hopefully gain a deeper understanding of Japanese literature and culture through reading and discussing the books with others.

We have read a mixture of both contemporary and classic titles, and since our first book, The Old Capital by Yasunari Kawabata, in November 2009, we have read some wonderful Japanese literature books together over the last few years. For a complete list of all the previous selections, please visit:
Japanese Literature Book Group: Previous Selections.

Anyone who is interested in Japanese Literature is more than welcome to join in, whether you are a long-time fan, or merely curious. I do hope you'll come read with us!

The JLit Book Group is currently on hiatus,
but it will return in 2013.
Look out for updates coming soon!

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