Reading Japan

Reading Japan

Living in Japan as I did for many years, it's perhaps not surprising that I became interested in reading the literature of my temporary home. Japanese literature has a unique, subtle style that has been a wonderful experience to discover.

Being an "alien" in Japan for so long myself, I am also very interested in reading about Japan from an outside perspective, whether it be stories set in Japan, or non-fiction accounts from others who have been drawn to Japan.

So, it seemed only natural to start on a journey, a kind of personal Japanese literature reading project, which I affectionately call "Reading Japan".

Although I left Japan in 2012, having lived there for 11 years, I have only left it behind in body. Japan will always be a part of me, and I look forward to continuing to read about this fascinating country. And I do hope you'll join me!

If you'd like to see where my journey has taken me so far, or are simply looking for some Japanese reading inspiration:

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